Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Using Wednesday's Words

Yes, I know it's Tuesday but the words are coming out of Australia this month and it's Wednesday 'down there'.

Words For Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  This month River has the words for us at Drifting Through Life.  You can find her in my side bar.
The words this week are:
shutdown, wreck, hair clip, marked, old school, brewery
release, hell no!, cherries, insignificant, coffee and almost.

Here we go.

Jenny punched in late, as usual, at Holman's Brewery for her 3pm shift.
"What's your excuse today, if I may ask?"  Her supervisor Dawn had a nasty note to her voice.
Jenny sighed.  "The usual, my hair was a wreck this morning.  I eventually gave up on the company issued hair clip and went old school with a hair net."
"Well, this is the second time this week.  No need to mention last week I'm sure. I'm going to have you marked down in the log book."  Dawn strutted off with her nose in the air.
"Dang!" Jenny thought, "I almost made it in without being seen.  Really, four minutes late is pretty insignificant if you ask me."
Lucy bustled up, breathless.  "They've shut down our line.  Sarah's hair came loose from the clip and got caught in the belt.  They can't release it so they're talking about cutting her hair off where it's caught.  You should hear her screaming "Hell-No!" but I don't think they have a choice.  We're all going back to the hair nets."
"Well thank goodness for that." Jenny breathed.  "We may as well grab a coffee and a cherry tart in the cafeteria while we wait."


  1. I think we have all worked with a Dawn. Hopefully she will forget in the drama. Poor Sarah. Losing hair is better than being scalped though.
    Great use of River's prompts - which I also found challenging.

  2. Now...that's a great take on the words, Delores! Terrific! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! a near tragedy with the hair coming loose. I'm sure there will be a compensation claim from Sarah when they cut her hair off. Hair nets are always a better idea when machinery is involved. I've also worked with people similar to Dawn. Great use of the words Delores.

  4. Life as a factory worker -- there will always be a Dawn, somewhere. Very good story.

  5. All I can think of is that Jenny and I, jenny_o, have the same tendency to be late . . . it's my worst trait.

    Okay, now I've got that off my mind, I can concentrate on your story - I've worn a hair net for a job in a fast food restaurant and I'd prefer it to a clip, as clips can come undone so easily . . . as Sarah has found out . . . Great job, Delores. I hope Sarah's hair can be saved.

  6. Great use of the prompts. Dawns are everywhere. I wonder why they're always chosen as supervisors and such?

  7. Oh We're all familiar with the Dawns of the world, right? Great story and I do hope the hair was saved!


  8. Great use of the words!

    Yeah, like others have already said, we've all known a Dawn or two in our lives. If all the gals are switching to hairnets, I reckon she's gonna have to find a new excuse for being late. (I guess she's have to "misplace" her hairnet...HA)

  9. Hugs and happy Valentines day to you.


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