Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Words For Wednesday

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to fire up our creative juices and get us writing.  The words can be spun together to create a piece or just used as inspiration.  Write fact or fiction, prose or poetry, or simply a stream of thoughts generated by the words.
There are no rules (that's the best part).  Use some, all or none of the words on any day of the week you like.   It really doesn't matter as long as you enjoy the process.  Just always let us know if you are posting your piece on your blog so we can all drop in and visit.
Here are this weeks prompts:
crashing, valve, spotlight, postage, resonate, spastic
branded, organic, bargain, designate, amplify, blase
you could use this phrase to 'set you off'

Have fun.


  1. Lavender Lies?
    I like the word selection, but my brain is off on holiday right now.
    I'll have to put it to work later, when it gets home.

  2. Peek-a-boo! Here I am!

    The backdrop came CRASHING down with a deafening sound. A VALVE had suddenly, unexpectedly blown in the neon SPOTLIGHT to the rear left of where Maggie stood.

    Her shocked cry seemed to AMPLIFY throughout the auditorium because of its near emptiness. Her written notes could fit on a POSTAGE stamp, but what she wanted to say was embedded in her mind, anyway. She didn’t need notes.

    Maggie was a proud entrant in the Miss Australia Quest, which in those days raised much-needed money for the SPASTIC Centres of Australia.

    The centres were so-named before political-correctness raised its head. The original sponsors of the Quest Hickory and Dowd Associates, who started it all off in 1954, transferred the ownership to the newly-named Australian Cerebral Palsy Association. Hickory and Dowd were the makers of quality BRANDED lingerie.

    Maggie believed what she had wanted to say would RESONATE with the judges. Her belief in living an ORGANIC lifestyle was in no way BLASĖ or for effect.

    Her beliefs were before time, I suppose, seeing nowadays everyone is jumping on the organic bandwagon. However, in the early Sixties it was a term rarely used for a practice that was second nature, more so than nowadays in truth and reality.

    Looking at the floor of the stage upon which she stood, Maggie thought, “The fresh LAVENDER LIES around my feet. Surely, to the judges and everyone else, that in itself would DESIGNATE where my heart lies; from where my true beliefs originate.”

    1. I hope the judges do realise where her heart is...

    2. Maggie was far ahead of her time. Great job.

    3. Extremely cool use of the words and phrase. Kudos!

    4. Good story and excellent use of "Lavender Lies". I had to skip that in my story.

  3. My grandmothers were both foreigners,
    who left the family, the world
    Before I entered it.
    And yet,
    the scent, the colour of lavender
    Always bring them to mind.
    Triggering memories I could not have,
    do not have.
    Wistful, hopeful, Lavender Lies.

    1. I love the beauty of this! It makes me realize how shallow my thoughts are.

    2. Precious thoughts and memories E.C.

  4. Molly managed to answer the phone on the fourth ring right before the message began. She had no idea who was calling because her glasses were in the bedroom and the caller i.d. just looked like chicken scratch .
    'Hello" she said, with forced pleasantness, she hated unplanned phone calls, especially when she was busy.
    "Hi dear, it's Lucy" the quivering voice on the other end of the phone began, "Lavender just called me to let me know she will not be able to help at all this month. You know all that tunny trouble because of her spastic colon. She said she would love to help when and if her health allows. With her feeling so bad, I can't ask her to do anything, but I am overwhelmed. There is so much to do and right this minute I feel like I am in a pressure cooker with no release valve. I need some help and I need it quickly.
    "Lavender lie's and she always has"Molly said emphatically (so much for tact) The only thing wrong with her colon is that is is attached to the rest of her conceited self. She is perfectly healthy! She just doesn't want you to designate specific tasks to her because it might interfere with her spa days, consignment shop bargain hunting, or whatever other self indulgent events she has planned"
    "Oh my, I'm stunned. I had no idea ."
    Molly continued "She uses the lies to keep from doing any true labor but is always happy to maintain her title. As long as she gets an occasional picture in the society pages so she can be branded as a patron of various arts and charities she is happy. She wants the spotlight on her and to have someone else to so all the grunt work. As she spoke Molly noticed her voice seemed to amplify on its' own "Reel it back in, girl' she thought, "You know Lavender always brings out the worst in you"
    She continued in a calmer voice, "So, Lucy, now that your co-chair is ill, what do we need to do to get plans back on track ? Just tell me and I'll be happy to help. I don't want you to feel like everything is crashing down on you and you have no backup"
    "Thank you Molly. The most immediate thing is postage. I need all the envelopes stamped so they can go out in the mail this evening. Are you available around lunchtime? We could meet somewhere and strategize . There are only 5 weeks left before the Gala and I really do need a lot of help."
    "Sure, How about meeting at Organic Harvest? They have great salads and the tables are large enough that we could do the stamping while we eat."
    "Perfect. I'll see you in an hour?"
    "I'll be the one wearing worker bee clothes"
    "I need a worker bee, "
    Molly hung up the phone and thought about this unexpected turn of events. She would help make this the best Gala ever, and when it came time to fill the upcoming Junior Board seat.hopefully tales of her hard and selfless work would resonate throughout the Executive Committee, and any thoughts of Lavender would be, at best, blasé.
    Poor Lavender, life only allowed for one Queen, and the worker bee had just landed the first sting

    1. I love this Anne. Molly's sting is impressive. What a queen she will make.

    2. This is took that phrase and galloped with it.

    3. Wow Anne, good job. Now I know what I should have done with Lavender lies but it's too late. LOL

    4. A job well it, Anne. :)

  5. I like all the entries here, but so far I still have nothing. I'll have to try some old starter tricks.

    1. It will come to you.....probably just when you want to go to bed and get some rest lol.

  6. My story is ready and you may find it here. Copy and paste the URL in your browser. (Sue, I am sorry but I still can't figure out how to make the link you gave me.)

  7. Hey Delores,

    Yes, it really is me. I have a lot of admiration for all of those who attempt using those words and come up with such creative stories. As for me, until I actually get that momentum back, I shall watch as a curious onlooker.

    Thank you, Delores.


    1. It's nice to see you here Gary......

    2. Thanks, Delores, it's nice to be seen :)

  8. I really enjoyed this one ...


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