Thursday, 20 July 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words for Wednesday writing prompt for this week: 
beacon, evening, jealous, slander, dormant, peripheral
mystic, plentiful, splendid, destruction, gratitude and bacon
you can use the phrase "misty mountain melody"

I chose to use the phrase this week.

knee high grasses
mile high skies
clover and dewdrops
fill my eyes

wind in the pine trees
sings a song
birds chirp a melody
all the day long

rattle of the pebbles
in the rushing brook
fish leap and splash
in a shady nook

put these sounds 
and sights together
its a Misty Mountain Melody

Okay, I'll use the words as well..

In my peripheral vision I perceived the beacon that is bacon.  Gratitude filled me for this splendid food of the Gods and I planned my evening feast around this Divine creation.  
A plentiful supply suffused the chilled bunkers and then, I saw THE PRICE.  I became instantly jealous of every shopper with bacon  in their cart as I revised my original menu plan which would now be dormant for the foreseeable future until the prices came down.
Sadly, I whimpered as I watched the total destruction of my happiness.  I'll just stand in the deli and inhale the fragrance of the BLT's being prepared there for the few fortunate....the wonderful, mystical scent of BACON.

for the life of me I couldn't work in 'slander'.  And yes, I'm a bacon fanatic.


  1. Love your poem. And would so like to visit that place (literally AND metaphorically).
    Bacon hasn't been on my radar for over a decade now, but still sometimes the scent can trigger longings.

  2. I like your poem and your little bacon torment. I love the smell of frying bacon, but I rarely eat it anymore.

  3. You did very well with your poem, I liked it a lot.

    The Bacon story is good as well, nice use of the words and to make everyone long for bacon at the end by actually causing us all to almost actually smell it.

    After all of my heart surgeries and such the cardiologist has me completely off of pork, so any bacon I get is Turkey bacon, it works for me but is still not the same.


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