Monday, 31 July 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  Diane felt Mondays needed a 'little something' and boy was she right.  Hence...Poetry Monday.  We have been offered a topic which we can use or not's just there in case you need a creative jog.  I needed one.
You know how I'm always saying that poems don't have to rhyme or have a rhythm or be worthy of publication...they just have to express your feelings?   You know how I say there are no rules.  Well this week I've broken every rule in the book, it doesn't rhyme, it has no rhythm and certainly no publication value.  It just says what I'm feeling and thinking.

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  1. I am not at all surprised at the man in the moon shutting his eyes. Closer to the action I do much the same. And stick my fingers in my ears as well.

  2. As little as I can do, I still try to be kind as much as I can to everyone I meet.

  3. Poetry Monay again!

    Rosses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I wish it was Tuesday,
    I bet you do too.

    It's all about poems,
    I think you'll agree,

    Who the hell likes poetry,
    How sad can that be?

    1. It's like winning the lottery,
      Only to find,
      You didn't buy a ticket,
      I know you won't mind.

    2. So pass me the noose,
      Let's do this thing quick,
      I don't need reminding,
      How it gets on my wick.

    3. Well it would appear that Blogger has decided I'm its next victim...I've lost my 'reply' button. One can only hope it will return. So to EC who closes here eyes and sticks her fingers in her eas.....a bit like the fabled ostrick sticking its head in the sand I think a lot of us would just rather not know what's going on. For River, I think you have found the secret to improvivng the world...just do a kindness when you can and hope it has a ripple effect. Treey you are very prolific in the poetry depadrtment this morning. You have 'festooned Monday with verse. I think you woke up on the 'dark side\ this morning. I hope the sun starts to shine in your life again soon. In the meantime, know we are all thinking of you.

  4. Monday poetry: ... monday. With the sun peeking through the curtains falling across my face my eyes open slowly sleep still clinging to my body pulling me down

    1. What an accurate description of Monday morning. Thanks for joining in with Poery Monday.

  5. 1st cleaner: "I'm not being funny"
    2nd cleaner "no-one would ever accuse you of being funny"

    Ouch. Piss-taking bitch.

    1. Sounds like your cleaners don't get along very well, Terry! :)

  6. I like it, Delores. And I alternate between EC's and River's reactions!

  7. I'm with River, I do my best to be kind to everyone that I meet, sometimes I may talk too long but that's OK.

    I like what you wrote, with the things happening around us I sometimes want to close my eyes so I do not see.

  8. Hi Delores,

    A thoughtful poem, my kind friend If only humanity could see what the man in the moon is going through.



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