Monday, 10 July 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday comes to us from Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Diane thought Monday needed jazzing up.  She was right.  Procrastinating Donkey joined in (she’s in my sidebar too) and then I made the leap before the bus pulled away from the curb.  You can join too...  lots of room on the bus.
Write a poem or read and critique ours.  We’d love to see you here.
This week I seem to have a fixation with words.
Today I pared
a pair
of pears.
I  did spell a word wrong
in a spell
and then sat down to rest a spell.
I craned my neck
to see a crane
that perched upon a builders crane.
On this date
I ate a date
while out with husby on a date.
I made a point
not to point
at people with my pencil point.
I got mixed up with where and were,
their and there,
hair and hare.
I wore a bow
and took a bow
and now, with brain a little dim
I write a poem


and not a very good one at that


  1. It really is a difficult language. To, too and two do my head in. I know which is which and still sometimes get it wrong...

    1. There, their and they're do it for me.

  2. I think it's a great poem, much more clever than any poem I might write.

  3. LOL, very good! Clever and witty.

  4. Very clever indeed, I had to smile, Thank you.

  5. Absolutely brilliant! English is so weird . . .

  6. Excellent! And a great illustration of how difficult our language must be to a new English learner.

  7. Hey Delores,

    Cleverly done and you had some fun. It brought tares, tears, tears of joy to my eyes.

    Gary :)

  8. A good read and that from someone who doesn't like poetry.
    It was very clever and made me laugh a bit. God knows I need to laugh.
    I wouldn't mind reading more poems if they were as good as this.

    1. Pop over to On The Alberta Mondtana Border (in my side bar) if you want a good laugh. Her poetry Monday offering was a hoot.

  9. A very good poem.
    Happy Monday Wishes

    All the best Jan


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