Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Communication is a funny thing isn't it?   We know what we mean but what we say doesn't always represent what we mean.   For example, your spouse enters the room rubbing his eyes and you say, "Have a good night dear?" when what you really mean is, why couldn't he stay in bed for another hour and give me a little time to myself.  He responds with, "Oh yes, I had a lovely night.  How about you?"  all the while thinking, thank God she made it through the night or I'd have to make my own coffee.  As I hobble toward the door of the department store a young woman holds the door open for me.  I thank her and she says, "You're quite welcome."  What she really means is, old lady I'd carry you in the store if it meant you'd be out of my way faster.  As the cleaning lady is leaving with your precious dollars in her purse you tell how lovely and clean the place smells but deep down inside you are thinking, "That spider web has been in the downstairs bathroom for two weeks now and you haven't been anywhere near it."  She smiles and says, "Always a pleasure to clean keep it so neat and tidy." while her inner self is saying, "Oh yes, it smells good.  A little liquid cleaner swiped over a counter or two and even a pig pen would smell better and if you think I'm going to stand on a ladder to get that friggin' spider web you've got another think coming. " Your darling child calls just to see how you are and what you have planned for the day.  She really wants to know if you are free to take her somewhere.  You respond with, "Oh gosh...what aren't we doing today?  So many errands to run and jobs to do."  The evil genius on your shoulder grumbles in your ear, "You know darn well what she wants so you'd better have your ducks in a row if you don't want to be in the car all day."
You get the idea.  Say one thing, mean another.  It takes a while of knowing a person before you can decode the correct message.  It's probably best to just take what people say as actual fact and get on with life.  If we knew what their message really was.....


  1. Oh yes.
    I am very, very grateful NOT to be telepathic. I am pretty certain that I wouldn't like a lot of what I learnt. And sadly have to admit that I would rather that others weren't aware of what I am thinking from time to time.

  2. You are right on the mark. Very interesting post. This is something people say that I've felt means something different, "It's the least I could do," but do they really mean "you know I like to do as little as possible." Similar to what you are saying in your post. Sometimes I learn more by just being a silent observer.

  3. I'm an expert at taking people and what they say at face value.
    I very rarely look for deeper meanings.
    Why mess up my own day?

  4. I am fairly straight forward and assumed others were as well...until now. Thanks a lot Delores! LOL

  5. So true (and funny), Delores. However, it is easier to be nice than to regret harsh words later.

  6. Yes, communication can be a funny thing ... but we get there eventually.
    Some people call a spade a spade whereas others wouldn't dream of doing so!
    Perhaps (at times) we all do, or say, what is right for us ... while hoping it's also right for the other person?
    Life is give and take ... but mainly I've no complaints. LOL!

    On another topic, I did reply to your question on the low carb diabetic blog ... but thought I'd include it here too!
    To help minimise cauliflower odour when cooking have a look here

    Happy Wednesday Wishes

    All the best Jan

    1. Wow...thanks. I will definitely try some of those ideas. Personally I prefer it raw but the hubs likes it cooked once in a while. Then I open all tdhe windows lol.

  7. Good manners grease the wheels of society, as the quote goes. I'm mighty glad people can't read my mind at times, mostly because I usually react first and think afterwards. When I've had a chance to think, my attitude often changes and I'm glad I didn't blurt out what I first thought. Your illustrations are pretty funny!

  8. This was a wonderful post and I enjoyed it very, really!

  9. I really, really enjoy reading your posts. Heh! Heh! Heh! ;)

  10. You mean she really wants me to sleep in for another hour? ha ha I did enjoy this post....really I did.


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