Sunday, 7 May 2017

Winters Death Cry

has withdrawn
her frozen grip.
The cold, white hand
of death
has released the land. 
Though she try
to regain her grasp
Lady Winter must bow
to the sun
and lay her down to rest
in the cold, deep caverns
of her discontent.

The sun has won indeed and parts of Ontario are fighting floods resulting from melted snow and (what is it now?) four days of continuous rain.  It's my fault.  I ordered some new patio furniture and jinxed us all.  Sorry folks.


  1. I hope winter has indeed departed, and doesn't flex that cold hard grip again for another year. And I also hope you can use your new patio furniture. Soon.

    1. It's been a very wet spring so far. Parts of Ontario Quebec and the Maritimes are busy sandbagging.

  2. In spite of the rain I bet you're glad to see the end of winter and have sunshine more often. We're having cloudy days right now and there's a definite chill in the air. It's always a bit too sudden for me, it takes a few weeks before I'm used to feeling cold, so I'm hunched near a heater a lot of the time.

    1. Today it's back down to about 3 degrees but at least the sun is out.

  3. Here's hoping you get to use your patio furniture soon. It is cold here also and we have not taken ours out yet. We usually do that in April.

  4. We had a couple of nice days in April....we put the chairs on the front porch and ordered some new stuff for the deck out back....then the rain started. The new stuff is still in the box getting soggier by the day.

  5. Yep, I think Lady Winter is all through here, too. We didn't get the huge rains that were forecast. I feel for the people who have had flooding. I know we have always had dry times and wet times, but the number and severity of these incidents are increasing scarily.

  6. Our Midwest is dealing with floods from snow melt. Crops will have to be planted late, etc. Glad Lady Winter is in her cave.

  7. Ordering new patio furniture can cause changes in the weather, good thing you didn't wash a car also. We have had a few days of rain too, not much but enough to stop my outside projects.

    Nice description of Lady Winter being replaced by the sun, truth in poetry.

  8. Ha Ha reading Jimmy's comment above, when the weather turned for the worse we too always used to blame it on someone washing the car ...

    But the bad weather and flooding that parts of Canada are facing has made it to the UK news too.

    Sending my thoughts to any of your readers whose friends and family, and perhaps themselves may be affected.

    All the best Jan


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