Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to get us all creating.  This week the words can be found at Elephants Child (you can find her in my sidebar) and are as follows:
Agile, blast, cacophony, desire, eager, flirt
Ground, hidden, injury, jealous, kindness and lament

Here goes:

A cacophony of cheering and shouting rose from the crowd as, with a blast of the whistle and an agile swing up the steps, the engineer took his place at the controls, eager to flirt with the brute strength of the giant engine and with a desire to keep on schedule regardless of obstacles in his path.
The engine, a coal car and water tank, five passenger cars, a diner and a caboose made up the length of the behemoth standing, poised for action at the station.  Not a soul in the watching crowd but felt a twinge of jealousy of those fortunates already seated in the luxurious cars.

Miles down the track, a fox, injured and gone to ground lay hidden in the gorse by the tracks.  As the train rounded the first curve it stepped haltingly onto the tracks and turned terrified eyes toward the giant metal beast bearing down on it.   The engineer slammed on his brakes.  The cars jackknifed and swerved off the tracks.   There were no survivors that day.  In the jumble of steaming metal and broken bodies there was no mercy, no kindness.  In years to come the event would be recalled in song, The Lament Of Old 59.  No one remembered the fox.

Why not join in and have some fun.  Use the words any way you like or just use them for inspiration.  It's fun, it's free.....what could go wrong?


  1. Is it wrong of me to be sad that the fox didn't survive?
    Another great take on the prompts. Thank you.

  2. Now that was good, I like the way you told this one.

  3. Poor fox, wanting only to end his own pain quickly, with no idea of the tragedy he would cause to so many others.

  4. I read "no survivors" to mean the fox as well!

    And then River's thoughts sent me in a different direction again ...

  5. Love the beginning and the image of the injured fox. Love how glorious the chugging down the tracks so proudly. Love the image of that moment of collision (just an image). Titanic on rails. Beautiful. Fox took off at a dead run the moment of the crash.

  6. Replies
    1. Well since it was a fictional fox if you fancy he lived go right ahead....actually, in my mind he very smartly jumped back from the tracks and found hiimself a safer place to recuperate.

  7. Wow, a great take on the words given.
    Why is it we are all worried about the fox ... shaking my head ...

    All the best Jan

  8. I'll bet the fox remembered!

    Your mind works in mysterious ways, Delores!! :)


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