Monday, 8 May 2017

Poetry Monday

Many thanks to Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border for bringing us Poetry Monday.  You can find her in my sidebar.  Join in with us.  Write, read, critique or offer your thoughts.  If you decide to write do let us know where your entry is so we can all enjoy your work.  There are no rules..just fun.
Here goes:
Setting The Stage

There is  a hush now.
The frantic pace of the day subsides.
The dying, slanted rays of evening
lead to dappled greys
and shadows blue
under the spreading trees.
Day flowers close
their tired eyes.
Night blooms lend their perfume
to the setting,
while, from the marshy fields
the orchestra of the night
tunes up.
Each deep bass note
 a cry for love.
The pale moon rides the clouds
watching as a shooting star
sheds its final brilliance
across the sky.
The vault of heaven
is sprinkled liberally with fiery diamonds.
A lone hunter asks the eternal question,
Who could close the curtains
against such romance?


  1. This is a truly beautiful depiction of one of my favourite times of day. Serene and lovely. With a touch of magic.

  2. Again, Delores, you have painted a lovely painting with your words.

  3. Oh, this is spectacular!
    Never have I heard the night described so beautifully.
    I want to go there . . .

  4. So many lovely pictures in your words! Speaking of night orchestras, I wish we lived where we could hear the peepers. When I was growing up, there was a pond across the road for the neighbour's cows, and it was filled with frogs. The peepers gave a performance every evening :)

  5. That is very nice Delores ...

    All the best Jan


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