Monday, 29 May 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday comes to us from Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  (you can find her in my sidebar)  Monday needed something.   There are not too many of us at present writing poetry on Monday so please...feel free to join in.  Read, write, critique, share your thoughts and feelings.   It's free, it's fun....what could go wrong?  Right?

Here we go for this Monday.......

 Candle In The Window

Candle in the window
shines tonight
in the darkness
of this sad night.
It makes no sound,
sheds such faint light.
But look – next door
another spark
glowing feebly
                                                               in the dark.
And there,
and yet
spreading hope.
Do you see, my brother?
Slowly through the city spread
tiny candles their light to shed.
All throughout the countryside
past mountains, plains and rivers wild,
candles standing side by side
and people
standing shoulder to shoulder
to lift this fear
like a boulder
lays upon us
Light your candle,
shine it bright,
raise it high,
hold it tight.
Never forget…..

WE are the light.


  1. Thank you.
    On these dark days and nights I need to remember this.

  2. We ARE the light, with or without candles, but the candles help spread the light.

  3. Very nice, a great reminder that we can all use, I love the way you worded this, together we are the light.

  4. Oh, my goodness! This is amazing. Now I'm picturing each of us like a tiny candle. Insignificant on our own, but standing together?!

  5. I love this imagery - we need to remember we are part of a huge number of lights in the world; we are not alone!

  6. Enjoyed reading your words about the beauty of the candle in the dark:)

  7. Oh, that's wonderful. True, too. Every little candle can make lift a piece of darkness.

  8. This was brilliant ...
    Just great words.

    All the best Jan


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