Thursday, 4 May 2017

Just For The Procrastinating Donkey

These are photos of the John McCrae house in Guelph Ontario.....Colonel John McCrae wrote the poem In Flanders Fields that is recognised around the world.  He died of a combination of pneumonia and meningitis contracted through his work in the hospitals with the wounded and dying in 1918.

In the summer they hold 'teas' in the garden and regularly shepherd school children through the house showing them medals and other military objects related to the first world war.


  1. That bedroom sure looks cosy, by which I mean small, and I thought I had limited space! The dining room looks nice.

  2. Thank you. A poet and a humanitarian.

  3. Delores! Thank you! I found this very moving, even just in photos. I think the tears would fall if I was actually there.
    The print on the dining room wall (the big dog and little dog) is one of the ones we learned about in my elementary school that I wrote about, in art class - called Dignity and Impudence. Probably everyone knows that, but it amazes me because I know so little about art in general.

    Thanks again for posting this.

  4. Every student in my 3/4th grade classes learned On Flander's Field, and WW1. Col. John MaCrae's life and poem influenced many students and people. Thanks for the photos, and giving more on his history.

  5. Many thanks for the photographs and post ...

    All the best Jan


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