Friday, 5 May 2017

Is It Just Me?

The other day I watched as a mother and three children strolled down the sidewalk, coming home either from school or day care or both.  One child was in a wagon the mother pulled, the other two ran loose.  At the foot of my neighbours lawn they stopped.  The two children on foot proceeded to gather handfuls of grape hyacinth from my neighbours yard and present them to their mother who stood looking on with a beaming smile as her children vandalised someone else's property.
This bothers me.
Is it just me or are parents not teaching their children respect for other people's property these days?
Am I over reacting to the situation?
Does it matter?
Do today's young adults have such a sense of entitlement  they feel everything should be theirs and it's all right to take what they want?
What's next?  If they want your car or your house will they just help themselves to that as well? it just me?
If I had pulled a stunt like that when I was a youngster my arse end would have been burning for a week.


  1. I had to Google grape I agree with you. I'd be pissed if I they took my flowers, and I can;t believe the Mom encouraged it nevermind chastise them.

  2. Nope, not just you. Not all kids nor all parents do this, but it is far more common than it used to be. More and more, parents seem to be confused about the difference between discipline and punishment. They think saying No is punishment, when it's really just teaching respect and limits. I saw this even when our kids were growing up. More than once I reprimanded neighbour kids because their parents weren't doing it (only when they were outside and in our general vicinity, lest you think I went into their homes to shake my finger at them!) And now we're into the next crop of kids, being parented by THAT generation. Gah!

    1. And this is a perfectly acceptable reason for being grumpy old men and women :)

  3. Definitely not just you. I suspect I would have been sitting very gingerly for quite some time. And if I had children they would have had boundaries. Enforced when necessary.

  4. It isn't just you and it isn't right. I remember being allowed to pick things growing on the roadside, but never from anyone's front yard. My mum used to walk about collecting cuttings, but I'm pretty sure she only snipped bits that were hanging outside a fence, and a lot of the time she would ask first, like I do.
    Here where I'm living now, the gardens are communal, so anyone can take cuttings from anywhere, but even then, most people ask first, because usually someone has put a bit of effort and money into making their little patch their own.
    I think that woman was showing disrespect and now her children will grow up the same. I also think if someone were to take from her yard, she'd be the first to cry "foul".

  5. We were always told not to pick or take from anyone's garden. However, if they were dandelions, nobody would mind.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one disturbed by this disply of ignorance.

  7. "This bothers me."

    ... and it would bother me if my children or my grand-children would do this.
    They were bought up to respect and leave other people's property alone.
    You do not touch unless asked by the owner.

    All the best Jan

  8. Bother's me too. I have to confess that my youngest used to do this. (She says hitting herself on the head.)

  9. You are right it seems hardly anybody has any type of respect for anyone now days, it bothers me also it does seem that this generation of parents either don't care or don't know how to respect anyone other than themselves, maybe we made it too easy for our kids, I would like to think I taught them respect, but I am not seeing much anywhere, in other words, it's not just you.

  10. Best way to keep innocents from pillaging private --and public-- gardens is to get them gardening on their own. This is something school children were assigned when I was little and I've been pleased to see the lesson revived here in recent years.

  11. That is appalling! Some parents don't seem to have a lot of sense - or respect for people or property.


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