Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

This week the words were provided by Lee of Kitchen Connections.  You can find her in my side bar.  She's provided us with quite the selection.
announcement, strategy, minority, dictate, fluid, enigmatic
recognition, playful, divisive, evening, picturesque and antique.
Just a word to Lee here to thank her for the extra large and bolded print.  My aged eyes appreciate it.
Join in with us...use the words to write a story or poem or just use the words to inspire a train of thought and then run with it.  We just want you to write and/or read.  Join in, let us know so we can drop in and read.

Here we go:

"Standing on this antique foot bridge in our picturesque village of Doon this evening, it is so pleasant to see all our townspeople gathered together for a common purpose.  We are here to give recognition to our outgoing mayor Tom Tweedle.  It is true that council experienced a few divisive moments over Toms playful (we hope) proposal to burn down the town hall to collect the insurance money.  I'm pleased to say common sense did dictate the outcome with only a minority voting for the 'slash and burn' strategy.  Other than this one little hiccup, Toms tenure as Mayor passed smoothly and without drama.  It pains me, therefore, to make this announcement.  Our enigmatic ex Mayor and fellow citizen has been incarcerated for attempted insurance fraud.  The court did dictate a seven year sentence but allowed for a possible release date in five years....sooner with good behaviour.  The judge seemed to be fluid with the terms.  I believe he was among the minority on council who voted for Toms plan.  If the media has moved on we will continue with the rest of the nights agenda.  Now, let's all gather together around the bonfire to toast Tom and toss a few gallons of gasoline on the fire.  I think we're close enough to the Town Hall."


  1. Big smiles. Tom's plan may come to fruition. I wonder who will receive the insurance money.

  2. I looked at the selection of words and my first thought was ... not an easy mix!
    You have made them into a very good piece, which I enjoyed, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  3. It seems there is no saving the Town Hall even without Tom the ex-mayor in office. Perhaps it's a truly ugly run down building?
    Very well done Delores, I like it a lot.

  4. Hahahahahaha! Good one, Delores! You're an evil woman! lol


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