Sunday, 2 April 2017

Stupid Brain

My brain is dumb...really, really dumb.... so easily tricked by my eyes.
I've been cutting calories (on a minimal basis) for months now and my stupid brain hasn't caught on yet.
I cut back on my portions (just a little mind you) and spread my food out over a slightly smaller plate.  Brain sees a full plate and is perfectly happy.
I spread the hubs rice cake with Becel and cream cheese.  My rice cake gets no Becel and half the amount of cream cheese spread carefully over every nook and cranny.  Brain sees rice cake and cream cheese and doesn't notice there is no Becel and there is less cream cheese even though it was there whilst I practised my treachery (skulduggery).
When I cut our afternoon snack apple in half I make sure one half is just a tad bigger.  The hubs gets the bigger half (nicely sliced of course) and I get the smaller half cut in a few more slices.  Brain, well, brain sees a whole lot of apple.  Good to go.
Cashews for a snack?  I take half the amount I give the hubs BUT  eat them very slowly.  Hubs finishes his and is eyeballing mine.  Brain says, 'wow, look at all these cashews I still have".
You see what I mean?
Stupid brain.

***Becel is a heart healthy margarine (or so the advertising says)


  1. Stupid brain, ha ha. I say smart brain, clever way to eat smaller portions.

    1. It thinks of these things and then forgets it thought about them....stupid brain lol.

  2. Replies
    1. I think it operates on the premise of "what you can't see can't hurt you".

  3. A few years back, when I was trying to lose some weight, I noticed the same thing.

    I guess it's good that it's so easy to fool our own brains. I don't know if that shows how smart we are or how stupid we are.

    At worst, we're stupid and healthier...

  4. Tricky brain. I love that it chooses to forget some things. Except when I hate that it choose to forget.

    1. Mine seems to be forgetting things a lot lately. Rats.

  5. My brain is the stupid one. My brain says "there's more in the fridge" with an evil laugh. So I'm trying a different tactic. Using up what's in the pantry, but not replacing foods that I no longer want to eat. If it isn't there, I can't have any, right?

  6. Such a good idea to use a smaller plate ...

    Eddie and I always use butter now, I never buy margarine.
    What anyone chooses to buy or eat is always a personal decision.

    You may be interested in reading these two posts which I've linked to.

    Butter versus Margarine: Why Butter is Better !

    Just in Time for the Holidays: Fat, Sugar and Grandma’s Cooking

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan


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