Monday, 24 April 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday was started by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.   You can find her in my sidebar.  Feel free to join in.  Write some poetry (it doesn't have to rhyme), read, critique, share your thoughts and feelings.   It's fun, It's free, What could be better?
I'd like to take a minute to thank Diane once more for starting this special day.  Since I have been participating the words have been coming more frequently and I have been enjoying it so very much.

An Ordinary Day

Start the day off
with  a yawn,
listen to bird song
with the dawn,
someone says
“kettle’s on”
and so the day begins.
 A little this,
a little that,
stop to give the cat a pat,
cut some flowers
for the vase,
take a break,
and in the pause,
give thanks.
There is nothing quite so lovely
as an ordinary day.


  1. Ordinary - and precious. Very, very precious.

  2. Ordinary days with no unexpected dramas are to be treasured.

  3. Nice thought. Still I always hope for something extraordinary.

  4. The little things of ordinary days should always be appreciated.

  5. I LOVE my ordinary days!
    And love this day particularly!

  6. Very nice, I do enjoy an ordinary day.

  7. I do love a quiet, uneventful day at home!

  8. Ordinary days are certainly the best; they gear us up for unordinary days where we need more energy.

  9. Lovely words and so true "There is nothing quite so lovely as an ordinary day."

    My Dear Dad will celebrate his 92nd birthday later this year, and the words you have used here, are almost the same as words he uses ...

    All the best Jan


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