Monday, 27 March 2017

Poetry Monday

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Wild and Windy Ways

I like to wander
in Spring weather.
As cold winds whip
I like to wonder
where they've been
where they're going
while they are 
so wildly blowing.
I suppose there is no way
of knowing
if they whizzed past
another little girl
just like me
who likes to wander
in Springs wild weather.


  1. I expect the winds did indeed whizz past a kindred soul. I always wondered if I whispered into the wind whether my words would be transported to other ears far, far away.

    1. Now THERE is a poetic thought. You could expand on that.

  2. Nice one. I sometimes wonder about the wind too.

  3. That is a lovely poem, Delores. There's love and hope in it --and trust that our thoughts are added to the character of our world. I suspect our thoughts combine in wind to compose a benevolent circuitry.

    1. We have searched for THE BORG and they are us .

  4. Nice - you have evoked my childhood springs for me, when the snow and ice would still be on the land, and the winds were brisk and fresh ... every spring now there will be a day or two when the weather takes me right back to those days. Just like your poem did.

  5. As I read this quite late on Monday evening - it's just about 11.25pm - I ejoyed it.

    Thank you

    All the best Jan

  6. Isn't it funny how differently we react to the sound of the wind whipping, depending on the season of the year? Springtime wind always makes me think about flying a kite, but the thoughts you expressed about it are wonderful. Kinda like a collective consciousness borne on the wind. Great job!


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