Thursday, 2 February 2017

Using Words For Wednesday

“I’ll just pretend you understand what’s happening here, Lil.  It’s too painful to consider you really don’t get it.”
The two girls stood before Gail’s masterpiece of a prehistoric vignette. 
“The museum director is going to love this.” Gail asserted.
Lil shook her head.  “Alright, I’ll indulge you.” She said.  The director is going to look at this hoary leader of his cave clan and will automatically understand he is trying to train them in the gathering and preserving of wild gooseberries.  So…tell me….what are the bones supposed to be telling me?”
Gail sighed.  “Every cave man vignette has bones in it.  It’s a given.”
The museum director looked at her quizzically.
“Gail, can you tell me why you placed your prehistoric artifacts in the bunk room of our vintage CPR car?  Were you aiming for a total destruction of this museums reputation?”
Gail spluttered while Lil snickered.
“Well, I was trying to draw a comparison with modern day travel and the transient nature of this clan.  I think it’s brilliant.”
“You’re entitled to your opinion Gail but as museum director I’m going to have to ask you to remove this display to a more suitable area.  Oh, while you’re at it, please sponge off the cave drawings from the outside of the carriage.”  The director moved off, shaking his head and muttering as he went.
“Are you upset Gail?”

“Well, I was, but I’ve got a great idea.  I’m moving this exhibit over to the Victorian kitchen area.”


  1. This is funny, I have to agree with the museum director; staging one piece inside another doesn't work if the connection between the two isn't always clear to the audience.

    1. I don't think Gail really understood the message lol.

  2. It does appear that Gail has a mind of her own. Love the story Delores aka Only Slightly Confused aka Mumblings:-)

    1. A slightly warped mind it would appear lol.

  3. Hmmm . . . I think I like Gail . . .

  4. I've seen worse things being put forward as art!

  5. I've just up-dated my reading on your previous post ... and thoroughly enjoyed all the stories and comments.

    You've done well here too, I enjoyed reading your words,many thanks.

    All the best Jan


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