Thursday, 16 February 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Here we go:

 “Extreme weather warning.” The radio blared.  Rosemary looked out the window at the wind and driving rain.  “Why couldn’t Uncle Albert have been buried yesterday?” she moaned.  “Yesterday the heat could sizzle an egg on the hood of your car.”
“At least,” ventured Meg, “he paid ahead for his funeral and arranged for limo’s to pick us up at the door.”  Meg could always find a bright side.  No wonder she annoyed Rosemary so badly.
“Well isn’t that just splendid.” Rosemary snarled.  “When I get blown into the open grave with good old ‘unc’ I’ll paste a big smile on my face and pretend I enjoyed it.”

Meg signed and watched Rosemary waltz out to the limo, letting the driver wrestle with her plaid  umbrella.  “She has such a jarring personality.” She lamented.   It’s like all nasty things blended into one and poured into Rosemary.  If I wasn’t her sister I couldn’t be paid enough to spend time with her.  Just wait until she finds out dear old Uncle Albert didn’t leave her anything in the will.”


  1. Oh dear! Uncle Albert, you're a troublemaker. Poor Rosemary.
    Great story.
    Mine will be on my blog on Friday.

  2. Ooops ... trouble ahead, I think! We need to know how this pans out!

  3. Oops! Rosemary is in for a rude awakening! Maybe her thyme has come after all! She should've listened to the the sage advice previously given to her! :)

    Well done, Delores. :)

  4. It won't be as bad for Rosemary unless she learns Uncle Albert left something to Meg. Fun story Delores. Both of us found our way to the cemetery with these words.

  5. Looks like Rosemary is in for a rude awakening, which is exactly what a rude person needs. Good job!

  6. "Just wait until she finds out dear old Uncle Albert didn’t leave her anything in the will."
    ... I wonder what she may have said!!!

    Good job here Delores

    All the best Jan


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