Monday, 20 February 2017

Poetry Monday

Our friend Diane 'On the Alberta Montana Border' has started Poetry Monday.  Let's all join in.  Readers and writers alike. doesn't have to rhyme you know.  You can find Diane in my sidebar.

Was It Enough?

It seemed
like such a short time
for such a long time passing.
Seventy years
on this green and glorious earth
and now,
any time left
seems so short
with the finish line
within sight.
And, looking back,
one wonders
if more could not have been accomplished,
and also,
what still could.
Was it enough?
Enough for what?
Enough to say,

“I was here.  I am here.  I will always be here.”


  1. Intriguing. If one doesn't "leave her mark" how will we know she was ever here?

  2. You have touched many people, Delores, with your words.

    I wish I had some talent to write poetry, but I don't.

    1. Poetry doesn't have to is just your emotions on someone famous once said (now who could it be) YES WE CAN. Anyhoo....reading is just as important as writing. Thank you for reading.

  3. I don't know much about poetry, but it looks like you did a great job here!

  4. William Wordsworth said,"Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of a powerful feeling."

  5. I LOVE this! And now I'm feeling really introspective . . .

  6. Very inspirational indeed !! Love it !

  7. How did you get in my head and find these feelings? I highly identify with this, which is another purpose for poetry - to write so that others may read and think "that's how I feel, too."

    Well done.

    I forgot to write a poem. I get an F on this assignment :(

  8. Great words, I enjoyed your poem.

    'I was here.  I am here.  I will always be here'

    We do touch many lives (perhaps some we are not always aware of)
    As well as family and friends, I recall teachers that touched my life ...

    We do each leave a print, yes perhaps others are more famous footprints ... but we do all leave our mark and also memories that others cherish for years to come.

    Life is for living, laughing, giving, loving and a lot more too !

    Well this isn't a poem just my thoughts.

    Wishing everyone a good week

    All the best Jan


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