Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helpful Healing Hopeful Thoughts

Our friend Gary from Klahanie (you can find him in my side bar) Is going through one of those 'difficult' times we all from time to time come across in our lives.   He has turned off his comments for the time being as it is just too much for him to to respond to us all.  He needs our Hopeful Healing Helpful Thoughts to fly his way to give him encouragement and support.  We are thinking of you Gary and hoping that you will soon be back to your usual positive self.


  1. I often think of Gary and wonder how he is doing and hope he is getting the help he needs.

  2. Sending a huge bucketful of those hopeful, healing, helpful thoughts from here. Wouldn't it be nice if blogland didn't involve such distances when one is in need ...

  3. Gary is such a kind gentleman who has gone through quite a bit in his life. I send him good thoughts and wishes and hope that he can find some peace from all the bureaucracy that imposes needless pain and suffering upon him.

  4. Sending my Hopeful Healing Helpful thoughts too ...

    All the best Jan


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