Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Words For Wednesday

Words For Wednesday were provided by Granny Annie, you can find her at Fools Rush In in my sidebar, and are as follows:
News, countries, follow, stream, sniff, hair
Mushroom, print, roll, dust, warm, family

I remember such simple times; life in a warm, loving family, all of us gathered around the radio listening to the reporters who had been all around the globe to sniff out interesting stories for us.  Now, I live like a mushroom, keeping myself in the dark, afraid to follow the news from this and other countries for fear of what I may see and hear.  Television gives us such graphic reports of happenings around the world.  The news whether in print or streaming live, is frightening stuff.   It’s enough to turn your hair white.  I’ll just hide under my bed with the dust bunnies and roll myself out when things start to look brighter.


  1. Loved this story and am glad to see you posted it here as well as at my blog. I commented over there with your tale on my main page.

  2. As always an excellent us of the prompts. Which are also wonderful.

  3. Great job! And you make a good point. News can be very tough to hear.

  4. I love this! Is there room under your bed for me? I'll bring brownies.

    1. I`ll make room for anyone bringing treats lol.

  5. Great use of the words, enjoyed reading this, thank you

    All the best Jan


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