Friday, 23 December 2016

The Magic

There is a silence that comes with Christmas.  As the tree goes up and is decorated, as tinsel and baubles and lights are strung and hung about, a kind of hush falls over the room.  There is a feeling of expectancy, that SOMETHING is coming, something that has nothing to do with Santa, gifts, reindeer or socks, something huge, magical, mystical, earth changing is about to happen for the 2016th time.  Even the children can feel it and they gather before the tree, their eyes round with wonder, childish voices stilled.  They too, are waiting for something.  Outside the snow begins to fall thick and soft and quiet.  It blankets the neighbourhood and muffles sound.  There is a hush, that feeling, SOMETHING is coming.  And there is, it's Christmas.  Not the Christmas of the stores and the hurry and the frenzy.  No, this is the real Christmas.  It's coming.


  1. Belief in magic is a wonderful thing. Which I hope to never, ever lose.

  2. I believe in magic, but my childhood Christmases weren't magical. We did enjoy the tree and the gifts, I don't remember anything special about the food, except the pfefferneuse and I'm not sure that's spelled correctly, they're little soft gingerbread cookies covered in hard white icing.

  3. Indeed it is a magical moment and feeling. Merry Christmas.

  4. I love the Christmas tree at night when you can really appreciate the lights. It's a cozy feeling!

  5. It is a most magical feeling.

    All the best Jan


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