Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Just in case you are a little tired of Christmas
Sometimes, I will hear a word.  It doesn't have to be a magnificent thirty letter word or one dripping in drama.  It can be a simple word.  That word will root itself into my brain and start to agitate.  I mean really, it just won't let me be.  This morning I was watching TV..yes, this early in the day, I admit it, and for some reason the word earth was used in connection to some gardening thing that I was blindly staring at.  I turned off the telly.   Earth.    Why was that word irritating me.  Earth.  I wandered off to do a few jobs and, as I did, other words came to join Earth.  Now I was in trouble.  When words gang up on me I have to write them down.  They do not necessarily form a sentence or a poem or a story, they are just a collection of words and I HAVE to write them down.
gone to earth
like the foxes
in their dens
I have found
my place
and rest me there

You see what I mean.  Totally unrelated to anything and yet there they are and if I didn't write them down they would clang around in my head all day.  Now I can get on with my day.


  1. Actually a nice little poem! You re very funny, and I have to admit, I completely understand.

  2. I understand. And you've not only got them out of your head, you've allowed us to enjoy them, too. Which I did!

  3. One word gathering its friends is often how I manage to write my Words for Wednesday stories.
    I like your little non-poem.

  4. Nice to hear that someone else is nagged by words. And I love what you did with that nagging.

  5. I keep a couple of journals scattered through the house to write those ideas and words and blog possibilities. Otherwise, they fly through my brain and are gone.

  6. I think that's a pretty darn good poem!! Whatever method works for you, it works. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. So good to write these words down, I like your poem

    All the best Jan


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