Thursday, 22 December 2016

Sneaky Pete

A while back Becky Llewellen Povich (she's in my side bar if you want to go visit) posted about "Christmas Confessions".  I have one.  A confession that is.
From around ages 7 or 8 until I left home to get married, I knew what every package under the tree for me held and no one knew that I knew.  I was that good at unwrapping and resealing.  And did NOT ruin my Christmas and yes, I DID act surprised.  I was that good at acting surprised.  Little sneaker wasn't I?


  1. If they had known your mom would have changed the presents with a brick or something just to see your real surprise face.

  2. Love it. I was (and am) an expert pinch, poke and rattler. I didn't unwrap though. I am a truly woeful wrapper.

  3. 'Little sneaker wasn't I?' ... Yes, you were LOL! A very naughty girl :)

    All the best Jan

  4. I peeked once at a present and then there was no surprise left so I never did it again. You were good!! Lol

  5. Our sister-in-law did worse than that - she opened all her three kids' presents (not the ones they gave the kids, but all the rest) after they'd gone to bed, and then re-wrapped them. I was dumbfounded when I learned that! I actually tried not to touch or even think about the gifts under the tree, because the surprise was the most important part of gifts for me :)


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