Thursday, 15 December 2016

Don't Look Up

Have you noticed?  Where ever you go people are wandering about, heads down, thumbs flicking.  They sit in restaurants opposite each other and do the same thing...heads down, thumbs flicking.  Why did they bother to go out with each other?

Heads down,
thumbs busy.
Push and shove.
No eyes to meet,
no smiles to greet.
Living in individual worlds,
islands unto themselves,
a disconnected connection
of sorts. 
Traffic rumbles and grumbles.
Machinery plays a staccato tune.
Poisonous fumes fill the air.
A sparrow
builds its nest
in a store awning
and cares for its young.
No one notices.
A man with a sign
wants to work for food

to feed his young.
No one sees.
In each mind
a glowing vision
of green grass, sunlight,
children playing, friends, family

If you don't look up
you can still see it.
If you look up, the fantasy
(for such  is life)
 melts away.
You then,  have to face
Something to avoid
at all cost ….

what cost?


  1. What EC said. I'm surprised they all manage to cross the streets without crashing into each other.

  2. Oh, my word, this is so true! Everyone glued to a screen that connects them to thousands, even millions of people and yet they don't connect with the people who are right in front of them. Tragic.

  3. It's such a shame to see ... and it seems to be getting worse!

    All the best Jan

  4. Well put! Nobody ever enjoys the moment anymore!

  5. Don't get me started!! It makes me especially sad when I see parents ignoring their little ones in favour of their phones.


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