Thursday, 17 November 2016

Using Wednesdays Words (the unofficial version)

Wednesdays Words were:  adage, dominate, vestige, brokerage, vessel and insight....and/or....swing, brag, burst, bland, hoard and stem.  Of course these are not the official words....just mine as I tend to be somewhat impatient.
Here goes:

Nick put on a burst of speed and made a wide swing past the mail box.  He grinned.  "That should stem any more rumours that I'm getting too old for this job.  I don't like to brag Rudy but I think I'm as good, if not better than I ever was."
Rudy turned a bland eye toward him and snorted.
"Isn't that Holly waiting for us outside the shop?" Nick muttered.  "Just great, she'll be after me again to make changes.  Personally, I believe in the old adage, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'."
"Dad--Dad--over here!! "  Holly waived her arms and jumped up and down.  "You know, Dad, if you didn't insist on keeping this hoard of projects just inside the door of the shop you'd have room to pull right in.  So much easier to load and unload inside where it's warm."
"It's only once a year that I load and unload." Nick said.  "It's not really a problem."
"Dad, I've got such good ideas.  I wish you had just the vestige of some  insight to listen to them."
"All right daughter.  I know you want me to look into a new brokerage firm.  If I do that, will you give up on trying to talk me into a new vessel for shipments  You know I'm fond of the old crate I've been driving for the last, oh, how many years now sweetie? "
"At least 200 years Dad, at the very least.  Really, it is time to upgrade.  You could dominate the skies in a newer model.  Think jet powered.  Think sat nav.  Think heater for heavens sake. "
"My dear,  Rudy and his friends would be broken hearted if I went jet propelled.  I'll tell you what...I'll have the sat nav installed.  Would that satisfy you?"
Holly laughed.  "It's a start Dad, it's a start."


  1. Brilliant.
    And now Holly has got him moving, who knows what she will get him to update next.

  2. This is very good, and once he finds out how great the twenty fist century is he'll jump right in.


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