Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The First Since 2002

Yes it is.  The first year since 2002 that I could get through October with dry eyes.  My mother passed in October of 2002 and my father in October of 2005.  Every year since 2002 October was agony to get through.  This year, although I thought of my Mom and Dad practically daily as I always do, I didn't think of their deaths.  I have gone from thinking only of my loss to thinking of all the wonderful memories they made for me and for anyone whose lives they touched.  It feels good.
It's funny.  There are still days when I forget they are gone and reach for the phone to tell them something.  Before it would come crashing in on me when I realised I couldn't speak to them anymore or hear their voices.  Now I just shake my head and smile.  We had a strong connection my parents and I....I feel like that connection is still there.  We don't need a phone anymore.


  1. I am so glad.
    More than twenty years after my father's death there are still things I want to tell him, show him, ask him...

  2. It's nice that you still feel such a connection and lovely that you got through October without tears.

  3. I miss mine, too. I understand.

    Learning something new every day is a goal of mine too. I'm always excited. With Cherokee in my blood, I feel a connection to that knowledge. We would do well to follow the ancient takes cares of the land and the human.


  4. Yes, we do have a strong connection to parents ... my dear dad is now 91yrs and still enjoying life to the full.

    My dear mum passed away some years ago now but there is never a day she is not on my mind and always within my heart, such a much loved and special person.
    Time does heal the initial pain, but the loss is always there, so too the wonderful memories ...
    Memories are so very precious, and the older I get the more I realise and appreciate this.

    All the best Jan

  5. Big (((HUGS))). It's something you never completely get over. But you carry on their legacy, helping them continue to make an impression on the people who are still living.

  6. We don't need a phone anymore....lovely. That feeling of closeness is always going to be there.


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