Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Great Day

Yesterday was ONE of our TWO favourite days of the Christmas Season.  It was the day we take our Grandson (aka The Wee Man) out for his Christmas shopping.  His carefully hoarded allowance was counted and recounted and amounts allocated for spending on The Mama, The Other and The Sister.  Grandma and Grandpa provided the accoutrement's for wrapping; paper, tissue, ribbons, bows, tags and the all important tape.
We hit Canadian Tire for two of the items on his list and Wally Mart for the third.  It was 5 degrees and pouring down rain when we started out.  Amazingly we found parking spaces close to the stores so only a slight drenching was achieved.  I believe this is the first year that we haven't spent three quarters of our time looking at things HE would like to have (hint hint).
By the time we hit Williams for lunch it was 2 degrees and the rain seemed to be getting a little 'thicker' if you know what I mean.  The hubs and I had coffee and sesame tuna wraps, the wee man muscled up to the counter and requested a blt sandwich hold the lt add extra bacon and mayo on white bread not toasted.   The girl at the cash register had a jaw drop moment and then began sorting through his extremely explicit order.  He informed her that he wouldn't eat it if it wasn't right.  (He wouldn't, either, trust me).  Fortunately, she got it right.
When we left Williams it was one degree and what was coming down could no longer be referred to as rain whether thick or thin.  We eased our way over to our place for the next stage in the day which was the gift wrapping.  The wee man is getting much better at gift wrapping.  When we started this tradition he was just six and his idea of wrapping was to crumple paper around the item and then wrap tape around and around it.  Effective, but not pretty.  Over the last few years he has gradually, with a little assistance, improved his technique.  I was quite impressed.  He still likes a lot of tape though.
When all was completed and the gifts stored under the tree (Yes, the tree is up...don't judge me. ) the wee man had some time to dig out his Lego from the cupboard beside the couch and painstakingly put together all the pieces.  He then requested a photo shoot.
This year we have the second favourite day of the Christmas season as we introduce the grand daughter to thinking about others on Christmas and not just herself.  She is six.  She will start getting an allowance next year and will learn about saving some for the bank and some for Christmas and making those all important decisions about what to do with the remainder.  Exciting stuff.  This year, as we did for the wee man on his first trip, grandma and grandpa will absorb the shopping expense.  Naturally it will be a small budget.  I've been advised that she too likes a lot of tape.


  1. Lovely memories to make and hoard.
    For you and the grandbabies.
    My partner STILL likes a lot of tape.

  2. We used to do this with our gr-daughters, and loved it! It had to think of Wee Man and Miss Gracie as growing so quickly!

  3. A sweet tradition. I'm sure they will carry it on.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

    Warm sunshine distracts JR from watching for the great apocalyptic event...that he can stop...that has yet to reach our valley.

  5. I don't think there is a kid on the planet that doesn't like a lot of tape. One roll per gift was usual when mine were little. Opening the gifts was like trying to get into Fort Knox.

  6. What a happy day you had despite the weather. Teaching the young about the joy of giving is a wonderful gift and since he spent less time looking for things for himself, it seems like he has learned well.

    Gracie is six already, wow, time does fly.

  7. Oh I loved reading this, what a brilliant day and so many good memories.
    I know someone else who likes to use a lot of tape.

    Wonderful post

    All the best Jan


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