Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

Elephant's Child has your Words for Wednesday writing prompt.  You can find her in my sidebar
The words this week are; noble, shine, expressive, charm, odd, biggest...and/or......passion, actuality, top, jar, elevator, angel.

here goes

"What happened Denise?"
"Jess, it was really odd.  We were coming down from the party on the 17th floor when there was the biggest bang and a jar and then the elevator simply stopped.  We were stuck somewhere between the 12th and 11th floors and there was the most hideous grating noise."
"Yes, me and old 'passion pit' Dan Harker.|
"Oh no!"
"You know, in all actuality, he was quite noble about it all.  Didn't pull out his (ugh) world famous charm even once.  Well...he did take time to compliment me on my 'expressive' eyes.    Said he'd never seen fear shine through such lovely eyes and he was willing to put his life on the line to save me."
"What did he do?"
"Climbed through the hatch in the ceiling of the car and stood on top of the elevator and jumped up and down."
"Wow!  It's a wonder he didn't kill himself.|
"I know right?  I'd say there was an angel in the elevator tonight and, I'm not entirely sure but, his name may have been Dan."
"Where are you now Denise?"


  1. Glad to see continuing participation in writing prompts.

    Sadly these terrapins have passed. No one home.

  2. Passion pit Dan has worked the moves again?
    Love it.

  3. Yes, where is Denise?
    Great story :)

  4. Uh-oh. Something tells me Denise might have succumbed to the ol' Passion Pit's charms, after all. Some men will do just about anything to win the fair maiden's heart... or whatever... but jumping on top of an elevator is a bit extreme. :)

    Great job with the words!

  5. Yep, she's with Dan. Loved this. Great job with the Words For Wednesday.


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