Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

Word's For Wednesday is a writing prompt that can be found on Elephant's Child's blog.  You can find her in my sidebar.
This weeks words are:  cheerful, caravan, some, gossip, crossfire, group     and / or    freaky, error, afterlife, decade, end and cruise.

Here goes:

They made a cheerful group as they followed the caravan across the trackless desert.  Debra, Jon, Mayline and young Edward chatted happily as they trudged along.
"Just think," Debra said, "We could have gone on that boring cruise and been stuck with some old gossip at our table.  This is much more interesting."
"Right," replied Jon, "imagine, just one freaky little error and here we are on the trip of the decade.  Maybe even the century."
"Say Jon, what does that sign up ahead say? Edward asked.  "I've lost my glasses somewhere along the way."
Jon took a long hard look through his binoculars.  "It says, 'Welcome to the afterlife and the end of your life's journey.'  That can't be right, can it?"
In the crossfire of comments from Debra, Edward and John, Mayline reached the sign and quietly disappeared.  The other three stopped dead in their tracks and gaped.  Finding themselves unable to take a single step backward or to stand in place for long in the burning sand there remained only one choice.
"End of the line folks." the camel master called.


  1. Love it. And definitely the trip of the decade.

  2. The unexpected final journey.

    1. I wonder why we always feel it is 'unexpected'. I mean......


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