Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Words For Wednesday

The words we are challenged with this week are;  fiend, imposter, flood, island, primitive, fix
and/or    happiness, curious, bubble, bizarre, degeneration and adrenaline.

Here we go:

It was a bizarre event that brought me to this primitive island.  The imposter, the evil fiend who impersonated my sister perished in the flood before I could determine her true purpose for bringing me here  I'll have to remain on the island until the storm passes.  The degeneration of the shelter I inhabit requires me to spend some time to fix it and render it water proof.  Who knows how long I will have to stay.  One tiny bubble of happiness remains for me...I have heard from my sister.  She is safe in New York City and in good health.  She is as curious as I am myself about the reason I was lured here.  With the approaching storm causing an adrenaline rush I am finding the energy required to make my last necessary repairs and to get in much needed supplies.  Good Lord...a knock on the door in this weather!  I feel an icy chill run through me.  It is a woman at the door.  It appears to be my sister.  How can this possibly be?

This weeks Words for Wednesday brought to you by Elephant's Child.  You can find her in my side bar.


  1. FIENDS.

                    My story is about  Bill Smith and His wife Mary who live on a small (ISLAND) down the coast where the population is small until the (FLOOD)  Of vacationers and sales (FIENDS) arrive in their boatloads for a weekend of fishing and trying their best to sell you Solar panels in an attempt to (FIX) up your (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle, However, Bill and Mary Smith  are having none of these (IMPOSTERS) Who are intent on disrupting their (PRIMITIVE) lifestyle as the salespeople refer to their down to earth style living arrangements, Bill and Mary have become accustomed to living without television, radio and other electrical devices except for the Gas fuelled Barby and a supply of beer BILL say's "No Aussie should be deprived of.". Bill Say's "" Gdday".

    Vest back soon.

  2. I was definitely right about your story. Your tin-foil thinking cap has produced a shining diamond. This is creepy and intriguing.

  3. Vest: Except for the beer, Bill and Mary's life sounds pretty idyllic to me.

  4. Oooh, the chilling unexpected knock on the door. please, please, please be her sister, come to rescue her.


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