Thursday, 6 October 2016


It's Autumn
Canadian Thanksgiving is in four days
Halloween is at the end of this month
Remembrance Day is
November 11
and then
Doesn't sound too terribly bad does it?
Until you look at your calendar
and you realize
it's only
eleven weeks
to Christmas.

Got a plan?

I figure if I do a few things every week I should be in good shape.  I would imagine some of you out there have already finished your Christmas shopping.  Some of you, as you do every year, will leave the shopping to the last minute in the faint hope that someone will ban Christmas and you won't have to do it.   Not gonna' happen.  Some of you say the same thing every year, "I'm not going to start with Christmas until this and this and this have been taken care of."  Doesn't matter what comes in between, it's still only eleven weeks to Christmas.  Eleven weeks folks.  Look sharp.


  1. you sound so excited for your beautiful yearly festival .so do we when our's come .
    wishing you an amazing and fabulous Christmas dear in advance

  2. Sigh. I will get to it. But not yet. Last Christmas was only two days ago.

  3. Got a plan?
    No way Jose.
    I'm ignoring the whole thing until I know how much $$ I'm going to have available in December.
    About the only definite thing is I'll make my usual mince pies for me and the two kids that like them.

  4. I plan to ignore all the holidays except Veteran's Day.

    I like my team. It's good to have someone looking out for me.

  5. I have been stocking (notice the pun) up with gifts since the after Christmas sales from the beginning of the year. I have a pile in the basement and have little idea what is down there. I almost hate to look.

  6. I have bought some Christmas Cards !!!
    So I guess it is a start.

    All the best Jan


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