Monday, 10 October 2016

Tin Foil Man

Allow me to introduce you to Canada's newest super hero, Tin Foil Man.  Gaining his super strength from his carefully fitted tin foil cap Tin Foil Man gallops around the kitchen saving food (sometimes before we've had a chance to eat any of it).  When visiting at grandma and grandad's house with his momma, Tin Foil Man's grandma morphs into Tin Foil Woman, known for always having a box of the miracle product on hand.  Grandpa turns into Tin Foil Man's arch nemesis, Anti Tin Foil Man, always on the lookout for a chance to grab Tin Foil Man's hat and run away with it.  The momma is known simply as, the mother of Super Hero Tin Foil Man, a title she seems well pleased with.  She keeps a sharp watch for Anti Tin Foil Man and warns her little hero when his hat is in danger.
All foods are safe with Tin Foil Man in the house.  His motto is, "no leftover too small".
Canada's newest super hero
Coming soon to a kitchen near you
Tin Foil Man


  1. Tin Foil Man would be very welcome here.

  2. Coming soon to a kitchen near me? I'll keep my eyes open and hopefully have a quiet chat with him before war breaks out between him and Glad Wrap Woman. There's enough leftovers for both if they play nice.


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