Monday, 24 October 2016

Remember When or Showing My Age

Do you remember when you plugged in  a television and turned it on and that was all there was to it?  Do you remember when you picked up the receiver on the phone and dialed four numbers and that was all there was to it?  Do you remember brushing your teeth manually?  Remember when all there was for light bulbs was 100 and 60 and 40 watt incandescent bulbs?  How about when everyone had a real tree at Christmas?  What about when taking a photo involved looking through the lens and pressing a button?  Remember when you had a baby and you went to your mother and her mother for advice?  Remember when a guy could pretty much fix his own car or at least knew what needed to be done?  Remember when all a car did was go forward and backward and stop?  Ah the good old days when a person could cross the border with no fuss at all because Canadians and Americans were the best of friends.  How about the days when a kid was content with a quarter for an allowance and actually had to do something to get it?  Remember when street people were called bums and tramps?  Remember when people taught their children to have respect for other people and their property?  Do you recall the time when people on your street never locked their doors?  Did you use to write letters?   There was a time when everyone got the newspaper and actually read more than the funnies.  There was a time when we all tuned into the news in the evening on the radio.  Remember when there were six hockey teams?  Can you remember what they were?  Back then everyone knew every single player on each team.  Remember when you were a kid and you were expected to go outside to play every single day?  What did you play with?  Our mothers believed a certain amount of fresh air every day was important to good health.  They were right!
Of course there are many things we could remember that were not so great or so simple and that don't give us the warm fuzzys. but that can wait for another time.  What do you remember?


  1. Some of these things I remember well.
    I also remember when not every house had television, and it didn't get turned on all day.
    And nothing we played with was electronic.
    We came home when the street lights went on.

  2. I remember a lot of this. Lots of stuff I miss, some not so much.

  3. I never asked my mother for baby advice. Even a hint that I might need advice from her would have seen her moving in "to help out" and never leaving.
    I never had a real Christmas tree either, always artificial so I could pack it away and re-use it again and again for years. Far preferable in my opinion. And cheaper.
    I still brush my teeth manually.

  4. I remember my neighborhood friends on the prairie. We learned Morse Code together and communicated across the fields at night with flashlights --back when flashlights had those little momentary-contact buttons next to the slide switch. We were high-tech hicks!

  5. I remember never being allowed to play in the house when it was a perfectly good day to be outside. I love writing letters and I love reading the newspaper in my hand. Times have changed but we do not have to embrace all those changes. Our children need to know some different ideas as well as us embracing their world. Balance is the key. Hug B

  6. Yes, I can relate to many of your words.
    Times are changing and changing so quickly ... perhaps 'Buttons' above has got it right. Balance is key - the only trouble is I sometimes feel that the world is out of kilter ... or perhaps it's me?

    All the best Jan


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