Friday, 28 October 2016

Looking Back

The smell of bacon and eggs and toast in the morning (particularly the toast) always transports me back to my Grandparents kitchen in Aurora Ontario.
I would spend a week or so in the summer with them.  That heavenly aroma would pull me out of bed every morning before it was light outside.  Grandad would be sitting at the kitchen table (grey arborite with pull out extensions on both ends and chrome legs).  His place would be set perfectly with a place mat and the breakfast dishes
Grandad would be reading his newspaper while he waited for his breakfast to be served.  Gram would be dressed already in house dress and apron.

In adult years I have often wondered how she managed in that kitchen.  The working end was so small it could have been intended for a boat.  At most, tops, she had a working counter space of a total of four feet...if that.  Regardless of size, that kitchen turned out some amazing meals.  Gram must have been the master of organizational skills.

It hasn't changed much over the years.  The new owners have changed out the porch railing.


  1. I do love a nice front porch.

  2. I often wonder how my mother managed in a small and poorly designed kitchen. Meals for six on a regular basis and up to a dozen...

    1. Gram kept all her good dishes and silverware in a buffet in the dining room. There is no way she could have stored them in the kitchen.

  3. Such wonderful memories. Kitchens of years ago weren't very efficiently designed and most were cramped for space, but nothing stops a good cook from turning out fabulous meals.

  4. I could practically see your grandfather sitting at that table waiting for his breakfast. And smell the bacon. (Now I'm hungry.)

    Isn't it funny how most women always wore house dresses and aprons back then, but hardly any do now? If I had any sense, I'd put on an apron, instead of wiping my hands on my clothes... flour handprints on my butt aren't all that appealing. :)

    One of my grandmothers had a very tiny kitchen. She had a fairly large country house, but that itty bitty kitchen. My other grandmother had a smaller house, but a nice-sized kitchen, where everyone would congregate. But she had ONE tiny bathroom... and raised eight children, close in age. Must have been a madhouse when my mother and her sisters were all teenagers.

  5. My grandma was exactly the same, in the same small kitchen. I don't know how she cooked the meals she did, but they were magnificent.

    The house looks so much like our first house!

  6. Wonderful memories ...

    My Grandma's kitchen was a square shape and I always recall it very organised.
    My Gran's kitchen was more of an oblong and slightly more of an ecletic mix of different pots pans cake tins and invariably she had floury fingers or even her nose - she was always baking something.

    Memories are so special and I don't think we fully appreciate them until we get a little older ...

    All the best Jan


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