Thursday, 27 October 2016

Little Boys And Rainy Days

Little Boys and Rainy Days
A blast of sun
is whipped away
as rain clouds bring in
skies of grey.
Umbrellas sprout
like mushroom tops
as we all wait
for the rain to stop.
I asked my grandson
what he thought
about the weather
God had wrought.
He said “I’m sure
He’s got a reason
but the cold and wet
has got me sneezin’.”
“Grandma can I sing for you
A song that I made up for you?”
Well of course you can.  A song for me?
This is what he sang to me.
“Rain clouds, rain clouds go away,
I don’t want to see your face today.
I want to see old Mr. Sun, 
shining bright ‘til the day is done.”


  1. Moving post, Delores. Thank you. Grandsons. Wow. 10 years ago, my eldest grandson was 2 years old and scampered up some stairs at an extended family dinner. I chased and caught him at the 1st landing. We looked down at all the loved ones at the long table, lots of gray and balding heads, and I had a sad thought about some of them being absent at future gatherings. Then I felt the softest kiss on my cheek, as if the little guy had read my silent thought, and the sadness disappeared. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. We lose some, we gain's bitter sweet.

  2. Both your post and Geo.'s comment have melted my hard heart.

  3. Sneezing and wheezing??? Oh no...there's something going around down our way...stay healthy...:)JP

  4. Dang you. Between you and Geo, I've got tears in my eyes. Lovely poem.

  5. This is just so lovely ...

    All the best Jan


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