Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Evaluate Your Life Day

It's true. Today is Evaluate Your Life Day.  Your opportunity to check out what's going on in your life and to get things reset on the proper course if you feel you have wandered off the footpath of life.
Take a look at your family, social, educational and financial lives among others.  Need an adjustment?  Today is the day.  Give yourself a good talking to.  If things are on track, celebrate.'s your life and it's your day.
and just so you know I don't dream these things up on my own, go to


  1. Nope. Not gunna.
    Denial. Not just a river in Egypt.

  2. I suspect everyday contains some element of self-evaluation, but am pleased to learn a special day is dedicated to celebrating the process.

  3. It seems someone has allocated a special 'day' to ever day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year and indeed...every year. SOMEONE doesn't have enough to do.

  4. I evaluate my life is getting better.

  5. Thinking about honesty and kindness is an ongoing process, daily process. Well thought out, Delores.

  6. I don't bother with evaluation, I just Drift Along.

  7. Let's just make every day a special day, and do the best we can!

    All the best Jan


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