Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Words For Wednesday

I picked up the Words For Wednesday writing prompts from The Elephants Child's blog (you can find her in my sidebar) but the prompts were provided this week by Margaret Adamson and Sue Fletcher (you can find a link on The Elephants Child's blog).

The prompts this week are:  frantic, spine, lemon, pummel, parasite and early  OR  staggering, lies, art, naked, preposterous and windmill.

Here goes:

"Adam, you look absolutely preposterous staggering around your art gallery flailing your arms like a windmill.  Now, tell me the naked truth...none of your lies...have you been sniffing the  paint thinner again?"
Adam straightened his spine and fixed Angie with an indignant glare.  "Are.You.Kidding?  Look around you  I came in early...brought that little parasite Edmond his tea and lemon....and look at what I found.  My gallery....cleaned out.  Can you blame me for being frantic?  When I catch that little rodent I'm going to pummel him into sawdust."

Great prompts this week.  Thank you ladies.


  1. Yeah, they really are great prompts, and YOU did a fabulous job with them. (Have I told you how happy I am that you're back in the ol' blogosphere again...?)

    1. Thanks Susan....I\m really really glad to be back too.

    2. And another voice to add to the chorus.

    3. I'll be happy to take my turn providing prompts...just let me know when you need me.

    4. How lovely. We have people until the end of the year I think, but we also have two (counting you) more volunteers. I love that, and will have a look and get back to you.


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