Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Mystery of the Big Yellow Bus

Every week day  morning the big yellow bus stops about four doors down from us on the opposite side of the street.  Kids come running all the way from the corner lugging their heavy backpacks.  It's a distance of about two city blocks.  The kids get on the bus.  The bus pulls out onto the street and drives past the route the kids just took to get to the bus.
Every night the bus once again drives along the route the kids take to get to the bus in the morning and it stops where it stops in the morning only on the opposite side of the road.  The kids get off the bus and walk back along the route the bus just took to get to its official stop still lugging their heavy backpacks.
If all the kids are coming from the corner to catch the bus halfway down our street wouldn't it make more sense to pick them up and drop them off there?
It's the Mystery of the Big Yellow Bus.


  1. I wonder whether there are regulations about how close a stop can be to the corner? It does sound weird though.

  2. There must be a reason, probably a very stupid regulation.

  3. That's a mystery =) Poor kids ;)

  4. It' a ploy to make children fit . . .

  5. It is weird, but I'm betting there's some silly regulation involved.


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