Monday, 19 September 2016

Sliver Shiver

Feel like having some fun with a writing prompt?  
How many ways can you work the word 'sliver' into a sentence?
Here's a sample:
A sliver of cold sun threaded its way across a coverlet of new snow.
He clenched his fists, rage festering within him like a sliver under the fingernail.
I'm on a diet...I'll just have a sliver of that banana cream pie,  oooh and maybe the same of the pumpkin, oh and just a tad of the lemon meringue.
Sue lost so much weight she's just a sliver of her former self.  (I guess she passed on the pie.)
I picked up a sliver from an ancient handrail...a tiny piece of history worming its way under my skin,
How many ways can you use 'sliver'?
How many words rhyme with sliver......slither, shiver, dither.,....
Maybe someone will write a poem.


  1. I wrote some doggerel . . . :-)

    1. What a terrific poem....liver shivers. Everyone pop over and read jablog\s shivery liver poem.

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