Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Have.....Have Not......It's All In How You Look At It

Due to the fact that I'm a tad stove-up from arthritis I have a lady who comes in every other week to help with cleaning I can't handle on my own.  Today is the day.  I want her to do the fall cleaning in the basement which means I am doing regular cleaning upstairs.  I am right disgusted with myself for not being able to do it all the way I want it done, when I want it done.  It's frustrating as all old heck.  I was grousing to the hubs about it just the other day when we dropped in at the seniors centre.  Whine, whine, complain, complain and just as we were about to enter the building a middle aged woman with one leg hopped out the door with her crutches, gave us a big smile and a "great day isn't it?" and leaped into her pickup truck and took off.    I took a deep breath and mentally slapped myself upside my head.  Some days you need a reminder to look at what you have instead of what you haven't.


  1. Sometimes we do need a little help.

    Thanks for visiting. The latex paint made the elephant better but did me no good.

    Have a great week.

  2. I am glad that EC has provided this link for you. You have celebrity in Words For Wednesday and I love that.

    1. Nice of you to drop in......Words for it's been a long time since I did that.

  3. We do need that reminder don't we? And I at least rarely have far to look.

  4. What a great spirit she has. I am sure she is an inspiration to many.


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