Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Drip Drip

How's the water out your way?
Here, it is extremely hard.  I'm talking corroded pipe hard water.  Of course we have a water softener on the hot water line.  We've learned to live with it.  The hard water I mean.  The only issue I have now is with the making of my daily multiple cups of coffee.
Here is my (instant) coffee procedure:
1.  cold water runs through an under sink filtration system
2.  this filtered water is run through the filter of a Brita pitcher
3.  the water is boiled
4.  then poured through a double layer of paper filter in an old Melita cone into the cup of choice.
All of this makes a darn good cup of instant coffee or herbal tea.
At the end of the day the paper filters are coated with mineral residue and the kettle has a layer of mineral  at the bottom.  Each night I dump out what's left of the sludge in the kettle and boil it out with a water/vinigar solution.  Each morning I start out with a sparkly clean kettle.  Each night I...  well, you get the picture.
What's the water like out your way?


  1. Hard water here too, but there are filters in place at the source, so most people manage just fine without extra filters at their houses. I still get a film build up in the base of my kettle, but it's gradual and when it gets too bad, I do a water/vinegar clean by boiling a kettle with one cup of vinegar in the water and then let that stand overnight. In the morning, empty the vinegar water, refill and boil the kettle twice before using. That's what the instruction book says. In other Australian states, the water is softer so none of that is necessary.

  2. Our water isn't too bad but, as River says, over time there is a build up. I too do the vinegar clean - and need to do it again.

  3. I am lucky that I don't have any problem with my water and glad that I don't have to go through all that trouble for a cup of tea.

  4. Our well water is hard, but not that hard. Some filtration takes care of it, thank goodness.

  5. we have a distiller and distill our own; we started small with a Sears counter top model, then moved on to a larger industrial type; you will not believe the junk that's left behind after the distillation process is finished!


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