Monday, 29 August 2016

Get It Together People

Why does size 12 petite vary so much between manufacturers?  I have just spent an hour in a clothing store trying on size 12 slacks...yes petite....I'm vertically challenged.  Two pair I couldn't get over my admittedly generous hips.....several more pair were at least four inches too long and one magical pair was just right.  These people need to get together on their sizing.


  1. Sigh. It is a world-wide problem. I have at least four different sizes (which all fit) in my wardrobe at the moment.

  2. Can never understand why manufacturers can't get it right. Just ordered two different jackets from Walmart. Both the same size. One is very snug, the other a bit large. How is one to shop? Believe it or not, before I lost this weight I was a 3X. Funny how they think that anyone who wears a 3X must be tall. I'm only 5'3". Some of the tops almost came to my knees.

    1. Souns like we are in the same fashion boat.....I was a 2X and now I'm a 12 (usually) also....I'm hort. If I don't shop 'petite' sizes the crotches hang to my knees and the sleeves are way too long.

  3. Congratulations, Delores, on the weight loss! We all know how hard it is to diet, especiIally after age 50, and you have my admiration. Finding clothes that fit right can be quite a task and that is why I wear mostly tunics and yoga pants.

  4. I ordered some tops from the same store. The same tops. Three of them. In the same size. One fit. The other two were so small I couldn't hope to get them on. They were the same top! Same packaging and everything!


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