Friday, 26 August 2016

Cleanup In Aisle Four

Just a quick outing to the grocery store...that's all it was.  A quick pass through the produce, over to the deli for some cheese and then down the meat aisle to check the specials.  I told him to 'wait right there' while I checked to see if there were any good looking ribs and then sailed past him and said "nope...on to the yogurt".   Half a store and two containers of yogurt later I turned around to put the goods in the cart and......he wasn't there.  I eventually found him all the way back at the meat aisle headed in the opposite direction to where I told him I was going.  This happens all the time....he can't hear well and his eyesight is going.  I guess I'm going to have to put a leash on him.


  1. Sigh. My partner suffers from selective deafness. And a whim of iron.

  2. "A whim of iron." OMG that's hilarious.

  3. My hubby's hearing is not what it used to be only he doesn't want to believe it. He won't get tested, and I feel he is afraid of what he will find out. The result is my constant nagging that the television is too loud.

    1. The hubs has two hearing aids and a device that streams the TV directly into the drawback....when he is tuned in to the TV he can't hear ANYTHING else!!!

  4. Welcome back! (I've missed you.)

    I've got a good bit of hearing loss, but my hubby merely suffers from selective hearing. I can be sitting next to him and say something, and he "doesn't hear it," but if a conversation he wants to hear is going on in the next room, he catches every word.

    Hmmm, there used to be a harness and leash to help frantic parents keep track of their wandering toddlers; why NOT one for wandering old farts, too?

  5. Husby just got hearing aids. But I'm still considering putting a bell on him when I take him shopping...


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