Saturday, 25 February 2017

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the hubs 73rd birthday.  His birthday was really on Thursday but we have our 'do' on the weekend.  Turkey dinner is on the menu and carrot muffins for dessert as the hubs wouldn't touch a sugar laden birthday cake with a ten foot birthday candle.  He says he'd rather just forget the whole thing but I know he'd be disappointed if we didn't make just a little fuss.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Bed Head

Are you a bed maker?  Do you make your bed every day, first thing?  Do you leave it unmade for a while to air out?  Do you open the window regardless of the weather to air the bed/room before making the bed?  Do you use a duvet or a comforter or blankets...or a combination thereof?  Do you wash your sheets every day or every week or is that too personal a question to ask?
Most days I open the window and let the bed/room air for half an hour or so but there are days when there is just too too much to get done and I find myself falling into an unmade bed at night.  It doesn't feel good.  I have an old fashioned bedspread that I turn down each night so I have blankets on my bed.  I would love to have fresh sheets every day but I'm far to lazy to do that much laundry so I settle for once a week.
I just have one more question.  Why is it that company always drops in on the day you didn't make your bed?

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Using Words For Wednesday

 The words, I will admit, were a bit of a challenge this week.
Gaseous, green, ghostly, grammar, glob and ghoul
Dastardly, dunce, dragon, destiny, Doberman and dinner

Here we go:

 “Where” the dragon asked in a deceptively quiet voice, “is my dinner?”
A ghostly, gaseous green vapour rose to ceiling height over his head, quivering slightly, as though even ghosts and ghouls recognised a dangerous situation when they saw it.
“I haven’t got your dinner.” Elspeth said sternly.  “You don’t deserve a dinner after your dastardly behaviour at lunch.”
“What” hissed the dragon, “dastardly behaviour are you referring to, little girl?”
“Well, for one thing you left a big glob of mashed potato on the carpet for me to clean up and you didn’t even apologise.”  Elspeth looked the dragon right in its blazing red eyes.  “Also,” she continued, “your grammar has been atrocious lately.  I taught you better than this you know.  If you can’t behave yourself any better than this I’m going to send you to the pound and I’m going to adopt that sweet little Doberman puppy in your place.”
The dragon reared its head back and fanned its scales.  One huge tear dropped from its eye and sizzled on the floor.
“I’m no dunce.” The dragon whined.  “I’ll be good.  I don’t want my destiny to be ‘euthanized at the pound’.  Besides, I really like it here with you.”

“Well there you are then, I’ll see you in the morning with your breakfast.  Fried toads and rabbit ears.”

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Words For Wednesday

Here we are in February of 2017 already and here we go with Words For Wednesday.
Words for Wednesday is a selection of words intended to act as a writing prompt for you.  Use some or all of them or just allow them to spark an idea.  Prose, poetry, fiction or non fiction, it's all good.  Anyone can join in and there is no need to commit to participating every single week.  Leave your creation here in comments or on your own blog but do please let us know if you are participating on your own blog...we all want to read and to encourage you.
Next Month River at Drifting Through Life will be providing the prompts.  You can find her in my sidebar.
Here are this Wednesdays words:




It's the end of the month and the end of my turn with Words For Wednesday so I thought I would give you some really fun words to play with.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Helpful Healing Hopeful Thoughts

Our friend Gary from Klahanie (you can find him in my side bar) Is going through one of those 'difficult' times we all from time to time come across in our lives.   He has turned off his comments for the time being as it is just too much for him to to respond to us all.  He needs our Hopeful Healing Helpful Thoughts to fly his way to give him encouragement and support.  We are thinking of you Gary and hoping that you will soon be back to your usual positive self.

She's Sneaky

This past weekend ( a long weekend for us due to Family Day) was simply splendid weather wise.  We had well above average temperatures which continue into today and our snow is almost gone.  I am grateful for this gift from Mother Nature BUT after almost seventy years in this part of the world I have learned a thing or three.  "What have I learned?" you ask.  Okay I know you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyway.  I've learned Mother Nature is a sadistic old broad.  She lulls you into thinking it's an early spring and then blasts you with four to eight weeks of winter weather from Hell.  Don't hold your breath folks.  It ain't over yet.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Poetry Monday

Our friend Diane 'On the Alberta Montana Border' has started Poetry Monday.  Let's all join in.  Readers and writers alike. doesn't have to rhyme you know.  You can find Diane in my sidebar.

Was It Enough?

It seemed
like such a short time
for such a long time passing.
Seventy years
on this green and glorious earth
and now,
any time left
seems so short
with the finish line
within sight.
And, looking back,
one wonders
if more could not have been accomplished,
and also,
what still could.
Was it enough?
Enough for what?
Enough to say,

“I was here.  I am here.  I will always be here.”