Saturday, 22 September 2018

The Price Is Right

Anyone here watch The Price Is Right?  We're retired, we eat lunch at eleven, we watch the Price is Right.  So there.  I'm standing at the counter in the pharmacy and I'm going to ask if the two prescriptions I called in are ready and I have an overwhelming urge to say, "oh mighty sound effects lady, do I have at least two prescriptions ready?".  
Seeing as I'm having a silly day, here's a joke for you.
"I've always had this desire to grab a screwdriver and run rampant through a hardware store yelling, 'this is not a drill'.

Friday, 21 September 2018

A Trip Through Time

You enter through a door propped open to the street in order to catch a little breeze on a sultry day.  The first thing you notice is the quiet.  It falls over your ears and you feel somewhat disoriented.  Then, gradually, you start to pick it up....the subtle heartbeat of the room.....tick, tick, the heartbeat of the city is contained here, in the clock makers shop.
In this room time is magic.  It is everywhere,  You are surrounded, invaded by the passage of time.  Antique wall clocks, grandfather/grandmother clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, pocket watches old and new, wrist watches....if it measures time it is here doing its job.  
You traverse the narrow aisle between these guardians of time bearing your own personal burdens of time gone by, wasted, enjoyed, destroyed, and place on the counter your offering - your need - for clock/watch repair.  A gentle shadow of a man shakes his silver mane, purses his lips and, in a thick European accent asks, "Vat haf you done to this, your clock?  Vy is it not vorking?"  and you try to justify your lack of proper clock care, unsuccessfully.  "Leaf it vis me, go away, I call when  is good again." 
 He lifts your errant clock child, your guardian of time gently and it disappears into the work room.  You go home ashamed and bereft and secretly joyful because you know it will function again.  It will come home and be again, the guardian of time in your home, giving it back it's heartbeat with its quiet tick tick, tick and its melodic chime. 

We now have four chiming clocks..all working...all more or less on the same time..sort of...some with quiet voices, some with loud voices, and our house has its heartbeat.  While we were in the shop I also got the bezel of dads watch polished and a new battery for moms watch...the guardians of time are on the job.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Casey's ice blue eyes shot high voltage lightning bolts at the chubby woman in brown tweed across the meeting room.  "I could just throttle that Emma Simpson.  The heat in this old market hall makes it feel like an oven and here she is drenched in some powerful, exotic perfume that settles like a stinky old blanket over everyone."
Marg grinned.  "I have a feeling she doesn't comprehend that she is trespassing on people's personal space and I don't imagine anything you could say would cause her to give a toss either."
"I heard her tell someone it's called 'Feline'.  Smells more to me like cat box." Casey sniffed.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Words For Wednesday

WFW is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  It's been around for quite a while now and we are always glad to see people join us.  You can use the weekly prompts any way you like.  Use all some or none of the words.  The idea is just to become inspired to write...anything...poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction, sci fi or fantasy. Why not give it a try.  Leave your offering here in comments or on your own blog.  Just let us know if you are posting on your own blog so we can come and read and encourage.  
Here are this weeks prompt words:

perfume, blanket, blue, market, voltage, feline
exotic, throttle, oven, comprehend, toss and trespass.

Have fun with these.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.   A weekly prompt designed to get us writing, this weeks theme is ‘those baking days’.  Oh boy!

Just seconds before she hopped in bed
this thought just popped into her head.
“Hey Mom, I forgot to say
they told us some neat stuff today,
(or, maybe it was yesterday),
tomorrow is bake sale day
and we’re all bringing baking to school.
Don’t you think that’s really cool?”
I got started on the baking
after taking pills for my head that was aching.
Cookies, I thought, would be the best
as I didn’t have time for all the rest
of the fancy baking
other kids would be taking.
With everything ready and all laid out
I heard from her bedroom a lusty shout.
“Oh yeah Mom..teacher wants cake.
I told her you could really bake.”

How many of us have had THAT happen...more than once.

Friday, 14 September 2018


I am shattered.
Tiny fragments
that cut like glass
and leave me
bleeding hope.
The fight is over and we have lost.  The littles are off to foster care.  In one way I am saddened, in another, relieved.  They will be out of their current situation and hopefully will get their lives back on track.  This is the very last I will mention this situation here......
the sun is shining, the bunny is munching on weeds in the back yard and I am going to take a nap.
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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

James was a forlorn sight as he stood in the doorway of the remains of his beautiful mansion.  He was dripping wet from the water the firemen had doused over the blaze that had engulfed the majestic old estate house.  There wasn't much left of his plush, comfortable, ancestral home.
James heaved a sigh.  There was no insurance.  His hopes of snagging a rich wife to support him evaporated like the water still being poured on the hot spots.  He was going to be a lonely bachelor reduced to rags and panhandling for change outside the Bijoux movie theatre.
Giving an aggravated kick to a clump of rubble set his bunion to flaring and uncovered an unexpected item...a large cast iron wall safe he had never known existed.