Saturday, 27 May 2017


The first day in a while that we've had no rain and decent temperatures.  Some weeding got done, lots more to do, some grass seed put down, next will be fertiliser....but I see the dark clouds are starting to move in.  I guess that's it for a few days as we head into rain again.
Does anyone know anything about holly bushes.  It would appear that one of them has sent up a sucker.  We'll leave it be until we're sure of what it is but it looks to me like it may be a new holly plant starting up.  That would be a good thing.
This is our holly in the snow.   This spring the 'mister' has put up a tremendous show of bloom and the 'ladies' have flowered in abundance and are already 'setting berry'. I cut armloads at Christmas and give them to our neighbours.   Winter is the best time to prune them.
The last bit of hedge has been taken out.  We are now hedge free.  Thank goodness.  What a job it has been to keep hedges trimmed and tidy all these years.
That's our day.....the solar lights are coming on now and the sky is getting black.  Goodnight all.

Friday, 26 May 2017

What Would You Rather Be Doing?

I like my house to be clean but I hate housework.  I like my clothes neatly pressed but I don't like to iron.  I enjoy a good meal but dislike cooking (also  not good at it).  I appreciate a well landscaped yard but am no gardener.  I'm also not rich so I can't afford to have the work done for me.  Thus, I spend a good percentage of every day involved in activities I dislike.  What DO I like?  I like to write, read, to knit, to think, to watch the wildlife in the backyard, to play with my grandies and to do just nothing at all (I'm best at that).  How much of your day do you spend doing things you dislike?  What would you rather be doing?  What are you doing right now and what should you be doing?  I'm about you?

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Using Wednesdays Words

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to help blow the cobwebs out of your writing mind.  Use the words in whatever way works for you.  Some of us use the actual words in our pieces while others are just inspired by them.  Why not join in?  This week the words are found on Elephant Childs blog.  You can find her in my sidebar.

This weeks words are:
abacus, bookshelf, cursory, delicate, eclipse and finery
gigantic, healthy, innocuous, jaundiced, kitchen, linger.

Here we go:

“Will you kindly replace that diet book in the bookshelf and stop using that abacus in your mind to count every calorie I put in my mouth.”
Karen cast a jaundiced eye on the gigantic burger in front of her sister.  Jen Lee took a healthy bite out of it and stifled the urge to giggle at the horrified expression on her sisters face.  Swallowing the huge mouthful she said, “Now you know why I linger in the kitchen making friends with the cooks and servers.”
Karen shook her head.  She shot a cursory glance her sisters way. “You used to be so delicate.  Now if you stood in front of a Sumo wrestler he would experience a total eclipse.”
“Here comes Mamma.  Be on your best behaviour for a change will you?’ Karen hissed.
Karen and Jens mother paused dramatically at their table.  “Feeding your face again?  Well, I’ll have you know you have destroyed your chance to marry young John Kim.  His family has withdrawn their offer of marriage.  His mother made some innocuous statement about his not sharing your current interests but we all know it is because you have become so fat.  But…good news…..he IS interested in marrying YOU Karen!”
Jen hid a huge smile behind an even huger spoonful of ice cream.  This was working out just the way she planned it.  Soon she would be on her way to New York City, Masters Degree under her arm and independence in her future. Along the way, once John Kim was safely married, she would lose the weight.  Karen was welcome to marry stodgy old John. 

Karen made no attempt to hide her smile.  She’d met young John Kim.  He was attractive, rich and ambitious.  Just the kind of husband she wanted.  She foresaw designer finery and fabulous jewellery, world travel and celebrity friends in HER future.  Both sisters would have what they wanted.

"What Larks"

It was 'neighbourhood exchange' weekend over the long holiday weekend.  An opportunity to put out to the curb things you no longer want or need (along with a 'free' sign of course) and an opportunity for your fellow citizens to cruise the city looking for treasure in your trash.  
We had a few things to put out.  Nothing too exciting.  A few old resin lawn chairs that had seen better days but were still sturdy, a matching table, a set of Mopar glasses, cushions for the chairs, kids toys and a magnifying lamp were the stars of the collection which should give you an idea of how humble our offerings were.  
Everything went out by 5pm Friday night with the plan to throw out whatever was left over on Saturday night.  Around 8pm a van/suv type vehicle pulled up out front.  A young man (college age I would think) bounced out and came galloping up the driveway waving his hands over his head at us as we sat watching from the living room window.  The door bell rang and I answered.  Could we have the chairs he wanted to know...were they really to be taken.  I assured him he could have the chairs and anything else he wanted.  He galloped madly back down the drive still waving his arms over his head.  Three more enthusiastic young me exited the car.  We watched as they bounced around our trash heap like excited bunnies in a carrot patch, laughing and exchanging high fives with each other.  The trash pile went steadily down.  One last look and one last wave at us and they bounced back into their vehicle and took off.     "What Larks, Pip"  "What Larks"

Monday, 22 May 2017

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border. (you can find her in my sidebar)   Why not join in...write, read, critique, share your ideas and opinions.   Always room for one more.  It's free, it's fun....what could be better?

Here we go:

No Fool's Gold

The dandelion is a pest,
putting gardeners to the test.
All summer long there is no rest,
as we strive to evict our uninvited guest.
Yet, there is one who thinks it’s best
when grandchildren, at her behest,
bring handfuls of the cheerful gold
and in her hands lay them to rest.
Then Midas, with all his gold,
a sultan with his jewels old,
are not so rich as she.

See...what did I tell you?  Fun!  It doesn't even have to rhyme or keep rhythm  .... just express yourself.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Long Weekend Ahead

We hare having some decent weather here in Southwestern Ontario Canada.  It's about bloody time.  Because it is lovely and I wish to spend as much time as possible outside in it even if I do sneeze myself right off my feet....because it is a long weekend coming up....because the kidlets will be coming and I have preparations to make....I will be AWOL once again until Monday and Poetry Monday.  Have a fantabulous long weekend if you celebrate such in your area of the world...enjoy the weather if you are having good weather.....relax......have fun.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt designed to get us all creating.  This week the words can be found at Elephants Child (you can find her in my sidebar) and are as follows:
Agile, blast, cacophony, desire, eager, flirt
Ground, hidden, injury, jealous, kindness and lament

Here goes:

A cacophony of cheering and shouting rose from the crowd as, with a blast of the whistle and an agile swing up the steps, the engineer took his place at the controls, eager to flirt with the brute strength of the giant engine and with a desire to keep on schedule regardless of obstacles in his path.
The engine, a coal car and water tank, five passenger cars, a diner and a caboose made up the length of the behemoth standing, poised for action at the station.  Not a soul in the watching crowd but felt a twinge of jealousy of those fortunates already seated in the luxurious cars.

Miles down the track, a fox, injured and gone to ground lay hidden in the gorse by the tracks.  As the train rounded the first curve it stepped haltingly onto the tracks and turned terrified eyes toward the giant metal beast bearing down on it.   The engineer slammed on his brakes.  The cars jackknifed and swerved off the tracks.   There were no survivors that day.  In the jumble of steaming metal and broken bodies there was no mercy, no kindness.  In years to come the event would be recalled in song, The Lament Of Old 59.  No one remembered the fox.

Why not join in and have some fun.  Use the words any way you like or just use them for inspiration.  It's fun, it's free.....what could go wrong?