Thursday, 17 January 2019

A Challenge

Soon, 'twill be
Poetry Monday 
and time
to rhyme.
Our leader's
gone AWOL;
not like her
at all.
Now, what are we to do?
It's just Jenny and myself,
the dynamic, rhyming two,
(Or maybe, even you?)
left to hold the fort.
So here's a challenge,
for you.
On Monday,
see what you can do,
with the theme

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

A Silly Joke

Nothing much exciting, or even slightly interesting going on today so here's a silly joke for you.

This is in the form of a 'news flash'....thieves have stolen all the lavatory equipment from the local police station.
A spokesman is reported as saying, "we have nothing to go on".

I did say it was silly didn`t I?

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Time is an interesting thing.  It takes millions of years for the light of a star to reach our vision.  By the time we see the star it could already be exploded/imploded/whatever...just gone.  So here's my question.  Is it possible to travel far enough into the galaxy to see what is happening right now?  Could we then look backward and see our own future?  Are we already living on a planet that a million years from now is dead.  Is it dead right now and we are living in its past?  Is our 'right now' actually the past for someone even further away in the galaxy?  Which way in the galaxy is forward and which way is back?  And by the way, what is it forward or backward from?  Time is elastic/plastic and in actuality doesn't even exist.  Which begs the question.  Do we exist?  And on that cheery note I shall leave you to cut some more shelf liner...


Finally we're finished with the kitchen.  Just got to put some shelf liner in the cupboards.
Here's a before for you..

and here's an after...

The old girl was pretty beat up.  We just had it refaced so....pretty much like putting jewellery on a pig.
Blinds come on Monday and I'm still waiting for my desk.   How do people manage without a desk?

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Good Sunday Morning

Morning fellow bloggers.  Let me just start out by saying 'THANK YOU' to my fellow bloggers who have expressed concern for our well being. Bless your fuzzy little blogger hearts.  I appreciate it.   I haven't been as active on blogger as usual yet and likely won't be for a few weeks.  The chap is coming this week to reface the kitchen and things will be upside down for a few days.  The worst of it, of course, is that I don't have a desk.  I couldn't bring Bessie with me, she was way too big.  I have a new, smaller, condo sized desk on order but it may take a few weeks.  I did manage to participate in Words for Wednesday and left a short entry on Lissa's blog.  Have no fear, I shall return in full force eventually but in the meantime it will be spotty.
Thanks again're the best.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is brought to us by Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border.  She, Procrastinating Donkey and myself strive to bring you great works of art on this day every week (although I did take a wee bit of a holiday).  This week the topic is 'our plans for 2019'.  Why not join us?  It's free and it's fun.  What could go wrong?

Poetry Monday topic
Plans for 2019

Now, I’ve got a list here somewhere.
It was quite comprehensive I recall.
Now, where did I put that thing?
Well never mind, I can remember most of it…I think
Let’s see,
Grocery shopping,
Hair cut,
Take the garbage out.
Surely I had more interesting things than that on my list.
Save the planet maybe?
Or, rescue the whales?
Nap more…now that one I’m sure of
Plans for 2019,
Definitely nap more!
Whatever else was on that list
Can wait for 2020.

See. what did I tell you?  Great works of art. (not)

Sunday, 30 December 2018

A Minor Success

The last people to live here really liked Command Strip Hooks.  We find them everywhere and mostly they are in a good place for us as well.  However...and it's a BIG of those strips was not in a good place.  They had attached a hook to the back splash tile beside the stove (I am assuming for their oven mitts), and, it would have been fine if they had left the hook there but they took the hook off and left the strip.  No problem you say?  Ah....problem.  The dear old souls had attached the sticky part of the hook UPSIDE DOWN.  To remove a Command strip you pull down.  So, pull it up you say?  Again...problem.  They had attached it to the back splash with about an inch to spare below the cabinet.  There was no room to pull.  Believe me, I tried.  All that happened was that little pieces pulled off but not out.  I have been looking at this thing since December 2 when we got possession of the unit.  I have been glaring at it since December 10 when we moved in.  Yesterday I had a moment of brilliance and decided to look on line to see if anyone else had this problem.  Surely we couldn't be the only ones.  We weren't.  You want to know how to get the sticky part off?   DENTAL FLOSS.  Yup...just floss it off folks.  That's all there is to it.  28 days of fussing and fuming over that little bit of sticky stuff and less than a minute to get it off.  Done and dusted.  Sometimes it takes me a while to figure things out..sometimes it takes me a LONG while.