Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Using Wednesday's Words

Words for Wednesday is a weekly writing prompt designed to get our creative juices flowing.  A group of us take it turn about each month to provide the prompts.  This month the prompts come to us courtesy of Kitchen Connections (you can find her in my sidebar).
The words this week are:
attitude, uphill, insight, lessons, upheaval, canopy
patience, engage, humility, strategy, fortitude, and forbearance.

here we go:

Throughout the UPHEAVAL of yet another move Janet had held on to her PATIENCE.  She had a STRATEGY for dealing with her husband.  Over the years she had gained some INSIGHT into his character.  She had developed FORTITUDE and FORBEARANCE for some of his less ENGAGEing characteristics and habits.  It had been an UPHILL battle with his ATTITUDE and lack of HUMILITY but the LESSONS learned had stood her in good stead.
"Now Boris darling," she purred, "remember our agreement.  This is a new home in a new city and a fresh start for us.  No more bodies buried in the back yard or howling at the moon and frightening the neighbour children."
"Um....yes darling....well, about that...."


  1. Smiling. Perhaps Janet needed to start earlier. Much earlier.

  2. What does he mean "...about that...", don't tell me he's already started burying bodies and scaring the neighbourhood kids! Does he have no control at all? Tsk Tsk.
    Love the story :)

  3. When are women going to learn, he doesn't change!

  4. Boris seems to have some... hobbies... a bit more challenging than most wives have to contend with. :) Great use of the words!


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