Friday, 1 June 2018

My Favourite Chili Recipe

This is my favourite because it's fast and easy and I'm basically a lazy cook.
You need a large can of diced tomatoes, a large can of red kidney beans and a can of tomato soup.  That is the base for your chili.  Spices I use are chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, garlic powder and dry basil.  I also add a couple of packets of  oxo beef powder for extra flavour.  Sometimes  switch up the spices for something less spicy but still flavourful.  Get the whole mess simmering nicely.
This is where it gets creative....if you want meat you can brown ground beef or chicken or turkey or pork or any combination.   Saute any vegetables you like; onion, celery, peppers, mushrooms....whatever.
Add it all in to your chili base and simmer for half an hour.
If you prefer vegetarian chili just add lots of vegetables ... even a can of corn .... or pasta if you are not afraid of carbs.  
If you don't like kidney beans take them out of the recipe..use baked beans..or no beans.  This is a very flexible recipe.  
I often double the quantity and give myself lots of freezes well. 


  1. I love chili. One of my favorite foods. Your recipe looks delicious and simple to make.

  2. That's my kind of recipe -- the "use what you have on hand" recipe.

  3. My hubby loves chili and this would be heaven for him. For me? Not these days with acid reflux. But I have many good memories.

  4. I would do this, sans tomato soup. Good stuff, chili.

  5. This is essentially the recipe I use, with ground beef, onions, celery, green pepper and mushrooms. I can't eat it now (acid reflux, like Susan) but I still make it for my husband. It's good with cornmeal muffins on the side. Dang it, Delores, now I'm craving!

  6. me too!! Same thing exactly lol,, I guess its a small world after all, lol,,

  7. Our favorite here is Double Meat Chili with beef and pork or italian sausage to change it up. Had it with some low carb corn muffins (made with coconut flour). Yum! Isn't Chili great to have on hand?

  8. If chili is on the menu, I order it. I make it a couple of times a year but use a fake meat product when my daughter’s visit. I would prefer your recipe.

  9. Chilli isn't on my menu at all, my face can't take the heat and it isn't as popular downunder as it is up yonder. There are cans of chilli available in supermarkets, one particular brand has several varieties, one with only beans, another with beef and a third labelled "Dynamite Hot" which is the favourite of both my boys.

  10. Chili is just so good.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    All the best Jan


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