Sunday, 10 June 2018

Canadian News Flash

Playground bully
calling names
wants to run
all the games.
Pouty little brat
with his odd blonde hair
came with no intention of playing fair,
takes his ball
and runs away home
(or maybe to Singapore).
Canadians know how to handle this.
No need for us to whine or 'dis'.
We'll offer up a timely prayer
for his restored mental health
(and more normal looking hair).


  1. I think he still thinks he is on his own TV show. It's all about ratings, how many people are watching him. Very ego driven. "No intention of playing fair" pretty much sums it up!

  2. very good lol !!!!

  3. I saw a cartoon about the summit which struck home. Lots of chairs lined up at the table. And one high chair.

  4. Love this. This horrible being embarrass us everyday.


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