Monday, 7 May 2018

Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday is the brain child of Diane of On The Alberta Montana Border (you can find her in my sidebar).  Each week Diane provides us with a theme which we can use or ignore....this week the theme is 'rain' and by golly I'm going to use it.  Why not join in?

beads of silver
are slipping down
my window panes
glittering in the lamplight
threaded on the fence wires
pattering on the leaves
pooling in sequined black puddles
on the drive
it's raining
soothing the barren earth
a gentle, nurturing, calming rain
life giving rain
unless you live in New Brunswick right now
and then
it's raining

Give it a's fun, it's free....what could go wrong?


  1. My heart goes out to those in New Brunswick. And how we need some of that gentle restorative stuff.

  2. Oh such a beautiful poem. I love the 'beads of silver slipping down on the window pane'. Now that I've retired, I enjoy a rainy day or night. Just love sitting, watching, and listening to it hit the window pane.

  3. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. It seems like there is one natural disaster after another. My heart goes out to all those whose lives are changed by them.

  4. Lovely word pictures, Delores. Especially "black sequined puddles" . . . so apt. I worry about our NB neighbours.

  5. So calm and soothing and poetic right up until . . . Bam! Masterfully done! I laughed out loud!

  6. Another wonderful poem, Delores. :)

  7. Oh, i love that ending! Yes, that's how we feel about rain sometimes, too.

  8. As a child I always wished it would rain gently during the night and then we have a sunny day to follow ...
    Sometimes I still wish for that, but nature always provides something different.

    I enjoyed your poem.

    All the best Jan

  9. Love it! Beautiful descriptions, and the conclusion rings true for anyone in enduring a heavy rainy season.


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