Friday, 18 May 2018


One day to the Royal Wedding.  There will not likely be another Royal Wedding of this import for at least another generation.  We live in a city that has the nerve to refer to itself as 'The Royal City'.  Hah.....I have been everywhere there is a where in this city and there is not one British flag or fascinator to be found. In each store I asked and was advised that they did not get anything like that in.  Did no one is this ridiculous city think to themselves, 'hey, Royal wedding, there could be money in that'?. There are no flags and bunting up anywhere.    I thought it would be nice to display a British flag in the window seeing as we are both of British descent..but can't be done.  I am beyond disappointed.


  1. The media here is making a fuss about it, but I haven't seen any signs that the interest has extended to the 'common herd'. We will have almost blanket coverage on television though. Which I won't see. I wish them both well in their very public journey through life.

  2. That is rather strange, isn't it, that there would be no interest at all? I know everyone is not over the moon about the royal family, but surely there is some interest besides yours.

    You might be able to print a flag or three from the internet if you have a colour printer. Line 'em up in the window and you're at least trying!!

    I think royalty pays a steep price for what people think of as their perks. Queen Elizabeth, in particular, has always given her utmost for the Commonwealth. Imagine having so little of your life to yourself, to always be in the public eye, to spend your days on running what amounts to an enormous business. I wouldn't want to do it, and I admire her devotion to her duty. Whether there should be a monarchy is a completely different question, but as long as there is, being in the royal family is not all sweetness and light.

  3. I haven't noticed any flags or bunting in my city either and that's fine with me. I'm not one of those people who watch every little thing the royals do, and I don't watch the weddings either. I know I can see the pictures in the newspaper tomorrow and that's enough for me.

  4. I am surprised that there wasn’t anything royal to buy in Canada. I would imagine that a large part of the population would be watching this wedding. I just did and it was beautiful. I love how both cultures were represented throughout the ceremony. They are a lovely couple.

  5. Well, since I wasn't invited I really don't give a hoot what they are doing but, I did notice how much the Queen resembles my Godmother Vivian. She is not of British decent so I doubt we are related but none-the-less an invitation would have been something to frame. Don't be too disappointed, I'm sure all went well despite the lack of flags and bunting. You are too kind. Enjoy your week.


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